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AirTrekslogo I first stumbled upon AirTreks several months ago when I was doing some research on online round-the-world travel services. Strangely enough, I landed on their About page. AirTreks is an agency that is specialised in multi-stop international air travel services: exactly what I was looking for! I was about to head to the main home page when one of their values (they have an admirable list of values) caught my eye. It read:

We believe that international travel offers a wealth of opportunities for personal growth, cultural exchange and peace. 

I thought, “wow, that’s awesome!” because that’s exactly how I feel about travel. I delved a bit further into the site and discovered an excellent trip-planning tool and loads of valuable advice on planning a multi-stop or round-the-world trip. Visitors are invited to launch the trip-planning tool or check out the Learn page before proceeding with the trip-planning phase. Topics such as ‘Things to Think About’, ‘Saving for the Trip’ and ‘Passports & Visas’ are covered on individual pages. Each individual page contains excellent pointers for planning the trip. 

The next tab, the Plan page contains more handy pointers for budgeting, planning an itinerary, packing and safety.

AirTreksplanner Then comes the best part: the AirTreks Trip Planner! The AirTreks site allows you to go straight to this tool from the home page if you wish. I saved the best for last! This tool is really cool. It takes a few seconds to launch. The first thing you see is a map of the world. You can do two things: use the map to plan your trip by clicking on a certain region or city, or use the region/city lists below the map. Add the destinations to your route, then click Get Prices and within a few moments, a suggested itinerary (in most cases, several) will appear along with the ticket rates. Brilliant. I had lots of fun with it by connecting cities like Auckland and Reykjavik. :-)

Customers are then requested to fill in the start/end dates of the trip and contact details. An AirTreks consultant will then get in touch with the customer to sort out the details and provide more advice. I like this touch as I prefer to know whom I’m dealing with when arranging a complex trip. I’m fine with booking a straightforward return ticket to a certain destination online, but when the trip involves multiple stopovers, over a considerable length of time, and which may change along the way, or if I get stuck somewhere, I’m more comfortable with the idea of being able to call or email someone I know for assistance. 

AirTreks also creates customised itineraries for Business Class. In addition, they provide lists of partners who can assist with travel insurance, tours, accommodation and ground transport. Oh, and don’t forget to check out their Specials page for an extensive list of multi-stop rates! This page is certainly an inspiration for the avid traveller!

In short, I found the travel planning tips handy and I especially liked the trip-planning tool and the fact that an element of personal contact is included. AirTreks receives a thumbs up from velvet! :-)

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7 Responses to “velvet visits ‘AirTreks’”

  1. Nico 24/10/2009 12:48 am

    Just wanted to take a moment to thank Keith for his lovely write-up of our site. That’s great! And I think he nailed it in the first paragraph talking about how our values show through. In the end, and I think any travel company that’s worth its salt will tell you this, it’s the people who come to us that ground us, make us who we are and give us the vigor to do what we do. Just about all of the staff here travel and therefore really really love working with fellow travelers. Plus it’s nice to see the trips they’re taking. After all, we’re all in this together!

    I also wanted to mention to Velvet Escape’s readers to keep an eye out for a redesign of our website coming early January. We’re looking at adding some cool new features to Trip Planner, providing some better planning and research tools and generally giving our visitors a more interactive experience to help them book out their around the world trip. Should be really nice.

    Thanks as well for the comments everyone. Cheers!

    Nico Crisafulli
    Social Media Coordinator
    Senior Travel Consultant

  2. velvet 23/10/2009 7:51 pm

    Thank you for your comment Brian.

    Best regards,

  3. brian 23/10/2009 5:23 pm

    I used them for my round the world trip. Everything turned out extremely well.

  4. velvet 23/10/2009 5:15 pm

    Hi Sandy,
    Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, I find their philosophy really cool. Looking at their specials page makes my mouth water and my feet itch! :-) Glad you liked the article.


  5. Sandy Salle 23/10/2009 4:27 pm

    Great spotlight on AirTreks! Their motto alone has inspired me to want to travel with them! I’ve already looked at some ticket prices, which has inspired me to travel with them even more.

  6. velvet 23/10/2009 4:41 am

    Hi Emily,
    Thank you for your comment.


  7. Emily @ Maiden Voyage 22/10/2009 9:35 pm

    Very cool — that trip planner feature looks great! I have looked at other round-the-world services and had trouble figuring out how to map out the travel. I also love that it offers suggested itineraries, since not all of us are experts at this!

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