This is a list of some of my favourite travel bloggers and organisations. It’s a pretty diverse group which I hope you’ll find helpful.

Act of Traveling – Emiel van den Boomen blogs about his travels and shares family travel tips.

Adventuregirl – Stef Michaels is a prominent travel Tweep (someone on Twitter!) & a great personality.

Africa Freak – Michael Theys has a true passion for travel in Africa.

AirTreks blog – airline/tourism news and ideas and tips for round-the-world trips.

A Lil Fat Monkey – a gorgeous and wonderfully creative food blog from Malaysia.

At Home in Tuscany – Gloria Casinadirosa thrills us with her Tuscan flavours.

A Pair of Panties and Boxers - Monica blogs about her travels through the world and through life.

Backpackgek – a Dutch language backpack blog by Claudia & Freek who are travelling around the world.

Backpacking Travel Blog – Sam & Audrey explore the world, backpack strapped tight, in search of adventure.

Backpacking Travel Destinations – Tom shares his top backpacking destinations, including tips & tricks.

Brendan’s Adventures – Brendan shares his adventures.

Brilliant Tips – Rich & Chris keep us occupied with brilliant travel tips and ideas from around the world!

Chicky Bus – Meet Lisa who travels the world and teaches us a thing or two about self-discovery.

Cikipedia – Umei’s tips to stay healthy and fit, even when you’re on the road.

Cumi dan Ciki – follow these two adventurous monkeys on their culinary journeys. One of Malaysia’s top food and travel blogs.

Daily Traveler – a flashy blog from Condé Nast.

David Lebovitz – tantalising food from Paris with a fabulous dose of humour!

Diary of the Purple Passport – two best friends, one quest to find the most fun, unique and elegant spots throughout the globe.

Easy Hiker – hiking trails and tips for beginners by Michael & Marlys.

Eclectic Trips – Gina’s travel musings.

Everything Everywhere – one of the largest travel blogs anywhere by Gary Arndt.

501places – Andy shares his travel experiences from around the world.

Folie á Deux – travel tales from Jen Laceda with some of the most stunning photography around!

Gogobot blog – travel perspectives by Gogobot readers.

Heather on her Travels – travel inspiration from Heather.

Hike Bike Travel – excellent detailed hiking and biking guides from Leigh.

Historical Sites of the World – a new blog about some of the most amazing historical sites.

Hole in the Donut – follow Barbara on her cultural travels.

Inside the Travel Lab – the art and science of unusual journeys through the eyes of Abi.

Isabelle’s Travel Guide – travel tales, tips and practical info from Isabelle.

J The Travel Authority – Jeanine blogs about hidden treasures she discovers on her adventures.

Journeywoman – the leading resource for women travellers.

Justin Was Here – a travel writer and a certified lifaholic!

Kaleidoscopic Wandering – join JoAnna on her kaleidoscopic adventures!

Ken Kaminesky Photography – Ken’s travel photography simply enthralls.

Live the Magic of Africa – Sandy shares her ultimate luxury escapes in Southern Africa.

LiveShareTravel – Sarah, Terry & co bring you inspirational travel writing and a world of exciting experiences.

Lonely Planet – no introduction required!

Matador Network – the world’s largest online travel magazine.

National Geographic Traveler – another established name that needs no further introduction.

Nomadic Samuel – follow Samuel on his quirky travels around the world.

Photito – the world through the lenses of Spencer & Vibeke

Plan Your Safari – Johan & co are passionate about safaris in Africa. Great tips!

Qype – an amazing travel resource for London and the UK.

Railway Stays – Jools & Kirsty show us the best of train travel.

Santa Fe Travelers – Billie & Steve show us the best that Santa Fe has to offer!

Solo Road Trip – follow Tammie on her incredible journeys. Fab photography.

Solo Traveler – Janice & co share the best tips and ideas for solo travel.

Sophie’s World – Sophie traverses the world in search of its curious and unsung corners.

Sharing Travel Experiences – Andy & co share their travel stories and offer trip-planning assistance.

Smiling Faces – a photo blog by Samuel that’ll put a smile on anyone’s face!

Spot Cool Stuff/Travel – really cool stuff from around the globe.

The 9 to 5 Alternative – Alan’s job takes him around the world and he blogs about his experiences.

The Compulsive Traveler’s Blog – follow Anya on her adventures around the world.

The Happy Explorer – a collection of my travel photos.

The Lost Backpack – stuff your backpack and head toward the horizon with Lane & Juliet.

The Minute Tour – Alex inspires travel in bited-sized videos, one minute at a time.

The Planet D – Canada’s adventure travel couple, Dave & Deb have trekked, climbed, biked and hiked around the world!

Top 150 Blogs for Students – an excellent resource for travelling students.

Top Travel Content Europe – great travel tips and ideas from a fine selection of Europe-based travel bloggers.

Tourist2Townie – join Gareth on his quest to become a ‘townie’.

Trail of Ants – Ant keeps us glued with his unique brand of freestyle travel writing.

Trains on the Brain – all you need to know about train travel.

Travel Blog Exchange – a community of travel bloggers from around the world.

Traveldudes – Melvin has collected a wealth of travel tips and ideas for travellers, by travellers.

Travelogged – great travel stories and tips by Liz Borod Wright.

Traveling Canucks – the adventures of two Canadians exploring the world.

Traveling Greener – a lovely blog on travel and our environment.

Travel Fusion – Kathryn shares her travel tips and tricks, with dollops of travel inspiration.

Travel Rants – a frequently-quoted UK-blogger, Darren provides tips and advice on travel consumer issues.

Traveling Savage – follow the triumphs, trials and tribulations of Keith’s life on the road.

Travel Tips Plus – Kirsty shares her tips on the best travel destinations.

Travel Wonders – an excellent blog by an avid traveller and photographer.

Trip Advisor – another big name. Tonnes of travel tips.

Trip Base – wonderful travel stories from around the world.

Two Go RTW – join Kathryn and Daniel as they set off for a great journey around the world.

Uncommon Travel – tap into Gail’s ‘uncommon’ insights from travelling around the world.

Uncornered Market – Audrey and Daniel serve up a scatter plot of observations from their journey around the world.

Walking the Amazon – a baffling blog by Ed & co who are walking the entire length of the Amazon river!

Where I’ve Been – a great blog with loads of travel ideas.

Wild About Travel – a lovely travel blog by Simon, an ex-investment banker.

Wild Junket – Nellie’s roller-coaster ride of adventures around the world!

Ytravelblog - join Caz & Craig on their backpacking adventures.

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