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A circus act in Vienna

“Where am I staying?”, I asked again, with a hint of disbelief. I just wanted to make sure I heard it right the first time. “The 25Hours Hotel“, she replied. “It’s a brand new design hotel in Vienna, with a circus theme”. That’s it! That’s the phrase that made me doubt my ears the first […]

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A different side of Vienna

I remember my first trip to Vienna more than fifteen years ago very vividly. The first word that crossed my mind was ‘grand. Vienna is indeed a grand city. From the magnificent Hofburg to the splendorous Schönbrunn Palace, the regal Spanish Riding School and the stately Belvedere and Albertina museums, Vienna oozes a unique brand […]

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Plane views: the European Alps

The European Alps are not the largest chain of mountains in the world, nor are they the highest, but they possess a unique charm and history that speak to the imagination of locals and visitors alike. The daunting peaks, impressive slopes and picturesque villages have lured visitors to the Alps for centuries, and today the […]

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Le 7 (image courtesy of vincent)

A gourmand on the slopes

Some people feel that basic fuel is the only thing necessary to propel themselves down the slopes of Europe’s finest ski resorts. Fortunately there are enough of us about who want something a bit more special. As such there is a large market for fine dining at altitude. Europe is blessed with some of the […]

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Plane views: Innsbruck

Innsbruck is the largest town and capital of the state of Tyrol in eastern Austria. Located in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, the town sits serenely in the Inn Valley and is surrounded by dramatic peaks. I knew that a flight to Innsbruck would be spectacular if the weather was good and I hit […]

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Velvet moments: travel photo of the week – Zugspitze sunrise

  One of the highlights of my recent trip to Innsbruck was watching the sunrise from the peak of the Zugspitze, at 2,952m, Germany’s highest peak. There were various wooden statues being exhibited on the observation deck but this statue of a naked man formed the perfect subject, with the colours of the sky at […]

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Watching the sunrise from the Zugspitze

  Watching the sunrise from the top of any of the mighty peaks in the Alps is a popular activity for both locals and tourists in the Alpine countries. There are many spots where you can do this but one of the most spectacular spots has to be from the peak of the Zugspitze, at […]

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Action and adventure in Tyrol Zugspitz Arena

The Tyrol Zugspitz Arena, located in the Ausserfern region in eastern Austria, is a stunning valley bordered on all sides by the imposing peaks of the Tyrolean Alps. It’s a popular ski holiday area in the winter but it also offers visitors a multitude of fun activities in the summer, when the meadows are flush […]

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Grand Vienna

The city of Mozart, the Habsburgs, Klimt and many more world-renowned figures lies on the banks of the Danube and oozes a unique grandeur and a rich cultural heritage. Vienna is a fascinating city that offers the visitor a multitude of things to see and do. Explore the imposing historical centre with its impressive museums, […]

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