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Epic train journey on the Rocky Mountaineer

The Vancouver skyline loomed large in the distance as I gazed out the window. My journey on board the Rocky Mountaineer train from Jasper was nearing its end. As the wheels of the train clanged and hissed on the approach into Vancouver station, my thoughts drifted to my experience on board over the past two […]

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Thirty minutes in Ulan Bator

This is the first post of a brand new guest series called “Unforgettable Travel Moments“. We all have our special travel moments: a memorable meal, meeting someone, an embarrassing faux pas or simply being awestruck by scenery. With this new series, I hope to uncover the moments, the anecdotes and the tales which make travel […]

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Lessons I’ve learned from travel

Several weeks ago, I invited a group of travel bloggers and world travellers to describe the most important thing that travel has taught them. The result was a post, published last week, composed of little pearls of wisdom that will hopefully inspire people to travel and experience this grand world we live in. The success […]

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The most important thing that travel has taught me

I was talking to a friend who’d been on a six-month trip through Africa and I asked him about the most important thing he learned from that trip. Without any hesitation, he answered, “That trip taught me to follow my heart”. I could absolutely relate to his answer. Two years ago, I embarked on a […]

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Whitsunday sailing

My most magical travel experiences

A week ago, I published a post on ‘My most magical travel experience‘. This was a compilation of posts written by seven of my facebook friends. Several readers asked what my most magical travel experiences were. It’s so hard to choose – there were so many. In that sense, I can absolutely relate to the […]

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Devil's Throat

My most magical travel experience

We all have those magical travel moments, when we feel as if we’ve been transported back in time, or when the landscape seems so surreal, or a divine moment when everything feels right. I asked my facebook followers to write a 50-word piece describing their ‘Most Magical Travel Experience’. Aside from the word limit, there […]

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