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How well do you know your city?

It’s funny how a moment of boredom can somehow become an eye-opening experience. I was sitting in a plane on my way back from Italy. The meal service had come and gone and I’d finished reading the inflight magazine. Feeling a bit bored, I took a peek at what my neighbour was reading. It was […]

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World Travel by the Lonely Planet Bloggers

World travel is an opportunity to truly unwind, enjoy the different rhythm and to explore new places and cultures. It is also about meeting the locals and fellow travellers, and sharing views, ideas and experiences. Preparing for a trip is the start of any travel adventure. For me, I enjoy researching my destination before my […]

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Experiencing Brunei

I’m going to Brunei for a few days to attend a cousin’s wedding. Brunei is a small sultanate on the island of Borneo. It’s capital, Bandar Seri Begawan (sounds really exotic!) is about a two-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Brunei’s long coast faces the South China Sea while it borders the Malaysian state […]

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The Blue Grotto, Capri

The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) is a well-known sea-cave on the island of Capri, Italy. It’s a bit of a squeeze getting into the cave as the entrance from the sea is narrow and low. Visitors have to lie flat in the boat as the boatman pulls the boat through the small channel. The cave […]

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Luxury North and South

My dear friend Janice Waugh recently went on a trip by train from Chicago to New Orleans. She wrote a series of fascinating articles documenting her experiences and observations which have been published on the Solo Traveler blog. Janice kindly offered to share some of her insights gained during this trip on the Velvet Escape […]

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The Velvet Parade – celebrating 150 velvet escapes

It all started with a simple “Hello world“. I was just back from an exhilarating and in certain ways life-changing five month round-the-world trip. I had experienced so much, seen so many places and met so many fascinating people that when I returned home, I felt I had to share it all. The creative and […]

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The most impressive tourist attractions

An article “The world’s most disappointing tourist spots and attractions” by my Twitter pal, TravelRants, provided some great insights and resulted in a lively discussion. It’s clear that our impressions of a certain spot or attraction are often coloured by our state of mind at that moment (e.g. our expectations), the company we’re in or […]

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Travelling is good for you.. even if you’re unemployed

I read this article on MSNBC yesterday and I can definitely relate to Jisook’s experience. I was in banking myself for ten years when the ‘hammer’ came down on me last year. Like Jisook, I was already planning a world trip when it happened and it was like a dream come true when I boarded […]

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Air Asia X’s new gamble

Air Asia X commences its five-times a week service from its hub in Kuala Lumpur to London Stansted on 11th March. This will be the first attempt at a viable long-haul low cost service between Asia and Europe since the demise of Hong Kong’s Oasis Airlines last year. Will it work this time around? Only […]

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In-flight food

To me, the food served on board a plane is one of the highlights of any flight, especially the long-haul ones. I don’t mind a simple sandwich or a cookie for the very short flights just as long as the quality is good. It’s during the long flights that the quality of food matters even […]

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