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Keep your seat-belts fastened

Thirty people were injured on a Northwest flight from Manila to Tokyo today as the plane encountered some heavy turbulence. This is not the first such incident nor will it be the last, unfortunately. The number of people who unbuckle their seat-belts as soon as the Fasten Seat-belt sign is turned off still amazes me. […]

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Visit the velvet escape bookstore

Hi all, If you’re planning a trip somewhere, drop by the velvet escape bookstore for the latest travel guides, maps and language reference books. Besides being a great, client-friendly store 🙂 the (very) modest referral fees I’ll earn from for each purchase will make my and blog efforts seem more than just a […]

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New on

“A little piece of heaven”. That’s how I would characterise Bora Bora, that world famous atoll in the South Pacific. Bora Bora was one of the highlights on my recent round-the-world trip. It truly is a magical place with a stunning lagoon overlooked by the impressive rock face of Mount Otemanu. Check out the new […]

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In-flight food

To me, the food served on board a plane is one of the highlights of any flight, especially the long-haul ones. I don’t mind a simple sandwich or a cookie for the very short flights just as long as the quality is good. It’s during the long flights that the quality of food matters even […]

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The best seat on the plane

I was once assigned a seat in the middle of a row of five on a Boeing 777 on what turned out to be my longest flight ever: strong head winds extended the flight time of the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam to 14 hours 15 minutes!! I can’t remember ever feeling so elated […]

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Heathrow most tedious, JFK rudest

This poll confirms what I’ve always suspected. London’s Heathrow is in my book one of the most tedious airports in the world, if not THE most tedious. And I had a nasty experience with an unbelievably rude immigrations officer at New York’s JFK airport many years ago. Since then, I’ve avoided JFK at all costs […]

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New on

I’ve created two new Southeast Asian entries on If you’re looking for a sunny, virgin tropical island that’s free of the masses and far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, then check out Lang Tengah island on the Malaysian east coast. For a more energetic holiday that will leave you feeling […]

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Luxury getaways

If you’re looking for a comprehensive selection of luxury hotels and boutique hotels around the world, check out Splendia and Tablet Hotels. Both websites feature gorgeous photos and candid descriptions of unique hotels, making them ideal for dream away moments.

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Spotlight: Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a delightful city that’s certainly worth a visit. KL is the location of the famous Petronas twin towers (see image) but the city has so much more to offer: historic architectural jewels such as the Old Train Station and Jamek Mosque, atmospheric street bazaars, beautiful parks, and one […]

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Winter blues?

It really is a cold winter this year. I don’t know about you but I’m starting to crave for some warm weather and sunny skies, maybe a white sandy beach, swaying palms and crystal-clear water. Something like this ->  And a tropical cocktail would be nice.. If you’re tired of the current ‘big freeze’ (like […]

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