“A Love Story”… sort of

A special guest post by Jill Love.

I love my Travel Pro Pilot case carry-on rolling suitcases with the little Eiffel Tower emblem. They are tattered and battered and have a history almost as long as me and my husband. They have been on trains, planes, ships, buses and automobiles. They have been tossed around, broken and bruised along the way but they have had so many happy adventures with us.

Travel Pros I love carry on luggage because it makes traveling so much easier. I simply whisk through the airport to my destination. Our Travel Pro Pilot suitcases have shared so many wonderful memories with us. On our first trip to Italy years ago, we arrived in Rome and took the train to Florence. It was our first experience on a train in Europe complete with dining car. It was thrilling to watch the landscape change as we rode into Tuscany. I also remember the romance of Paris in the winter, walking along the Seine at one in the morning. It was freezing. The only one warm (or smart) were our suitcases in the hotel room. We would get in the room our feet frozen and pour a hot bath and defrost. The bed with a thick down comforter was really inviting after a long day of sightseeing. The box of Belgian chocolates on the pillow was a welcome treat as was the best hot chocolate I have ever had served in the finest French Limoges.

The suitcases wear their tatters like a badge of honor. They are veterans of travel. Parts are missing or broken. The zip that you pull to open the case has broken off years ago and in its place I put a keychain. It works great (though it looks a little funky). One of the plastic feet on the bottom to aid in its standing upright is broken. A battle scar from being tossed around on so many flights. But they still roll along.

My Travel Pro's French Connection

My Travel Pro’s French Connection

I don’t think we ever have to worry about anyone rummaging through them. They don’t look like they’d have any treasures inside. Maybe it is the hot pink and lime green vinyl luggage tags attached. I found the ugliest and brightest tags so they would stand out in a sea of black suitcases.

I often wonder what their favorite trip was. The road trips through mountains, getting lost (one of our specialties) in Verona, our beach or historic vacations?

A few years back I bought two new red suitcases because I thought it was time. The Travel Pros were looking pretty worn and maybe they should retire. I started to pack my new suitcases and to my surprise, they didn’t hold nearly as much. And I just couldn’t go on vacation with them. So the new suitcases are in the garage (still unused) and my old suitcases are getting ready for the next adventure. So T-Pros, I think we better start packing. Where are you going, you ask dear suitcases? California, here you come.

About this week’s guest writer
Jill Love Jill Love is a travel industry consultant for Gerson Lehrman, a social media enthusiast and a lover of all things travel. With over 20 years in the travel industry (with a specialty in cruises) Jill is very happy to plan your cruise vacation. Catch Jill on Twitter while she’s planning her next adventure which includes a never ending quest to find the perfect pizza.

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4 Responses to ““A Love Story”… sort of”

  1. Cruise Bart 22/03/2010 7:10 am

    I think those must be very amazing suitcases if they can keep up with you after all the trips they have been on. Great article Jill.

  2. Frances 20/03/2010 12:32 am

    What lucky suitcases making all those trips. Hope they stand up for many more. I had a smile on my face reading of the adventures of the suitcases. I will look at my suitcases differently’ next trip. I had been on the train ride to Florence and reading your ride brought back many wonderful memories. Loved this story.

  3. velvet 12/03/2010 3:28 am

    Thank you Herb for your comment. Hope your luggage makes it to Tuscany and back in one piece. 🙂 Have a great trip!

  4. herb Rosen 12/03/2010 3:23 am

    You gave me the urge to find my battered luggage and see if they can stand another trip. Just going to Tuscany again should revive them. They lean like the Tower of Pizza, maybe take in that sight again too

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