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A great thing about travelling is the many, often unexpected, sources of inspiration we encounter. One of the best sources of inspiration lies in the people we meet. I’m certain that we all have travel stories to tell in which we met someone inspiring who may even have had an influence on us in some way or other. To celebrate the inspiring people we meet during our travels, I launched a weekly guest series called “A world of inspiration” last year that ran for twenty straight weeks.

For this series, I invited fellow travellers to share their experiences by writing a guest post. Each post was a gem: from “The Man Behind the Miracle” whom Vera Marie met in Mexico to Dave and Deb‘s tribute to the people of Myanmar in “The Man From Mandalay“, or Nellie‘s eye-opening encounter with an elderly lady in a bus in “A Familiar Face in a Foreign Land“, Gloria‘s beautiful ode to travel in the olden days in “The Rebel“, Andy‘s experiences during a trip to his mother’s homeland in “Ghosts of the Past” and Evelyn‘s inspiring story of a student nurse in “Her Generosity of Spirit“.

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  • That is the best part of traveling around the world is meeting new people. I love to see how other people live. It is interesting to learn about how they grew up and get to someone from a very different background than myself.

  • Unfortunately, I didn’t meet anybody during my travels. Probably because I am extremely shy and introvert, also because I was travelling with my fiancé. It’s my biggest regret!

  • Great! My version of travel is all about meeting people. For fun, inspiration, being travel buddies, all sorts of reasons. Most of all, learning the world from them. Nice piece! 🙂

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