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Stunning Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is famous for the twin peaks of the Pitons, which rise dramatically from the sea to form one of the Eastern Caribbean’s most famous landmarks. In addition, the island also boasts a verdant, mountainous interior, with lush tropical flora and fauna, and active volcanos. Saint Lucia is a favourite port-of-call for many Caribbean cruise […]

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The rumbles of Volcan Arenal

The Volcan Arenal is a relatively young volcano and the most active in Costa Rica. This conically-shaped volcano rises steeply to a height of 1,657 meters and is one of the most lethal-looking volcanos I’ve ever seen. Smoke continously billows from the crater and you can often hear (and feel) the mountain rumble and see rocks […]

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Volcan Licancabur (left)

The Spectacular Bus Ride from San Pedro de Atacama to Salta

‘The Spectacular Bus Ride from San Pedro de Atacama to Salta’ (a page from my Travel Journal) “Hurry, hurry…,” the man said to me, “the bus is leaving in a few minutes”. I was sure I was going to miss my bus to Salta. I arrived at the travel agency, as instructed when I bought […]

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Courtesy of: Jaramillo-Krauth

Lightning strikes!

My best friend Eugene, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, called me over the weekend and spoke about an awesome electric storm that hit Vancouver the day before (Saturday, 25th July). Back at the office on Monday, he found out that various colleagues had taken some stunning photos of the storm. He sent me a few […]

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Enchanting spots: Tikal, Guatemala

Situated deep in the jungles of northern Guatemala, Tikal is the largest of the ruined cities of the splendorous Maya civilisation. This ancient city with its breathtaking pyramids (some of which are higher than 60 meters!), temples, palaces and monuments reached its epitome in the 1st century AD but can trace its roots back to […]

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Mystical Rapa Nui

Mystical Rapa Nui A page from my Travel Journal I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place as isolated as Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as it’s called by the locals. It was quite amusing seeing our flight path from Tahiti – it was literally from one dot to another and the rest of […]

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Luxury North and South

My dear friend Janice Waugh recently went on a trip by train from Chicago to New Orleans. She wrote a series of fascinating articles documenting her experiences and observations which have been published on the Solo Traveler blog. Janice kindly offered to share some of her insights gained during this trip on the Velvet Escape […]

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Antigua_Volcan Agua

Charming Antigua

La Antigua, or just Antigua, is a resplendent city in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and often touted as the most beautiful city in the Maya region, Antigua is home to a stunning array of Spanish (colonial) baroque architecture, colourful churches, bustling markets, cobble-stoned streets and charming squares. The […]

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A world of inspiration: NYC

This week’s edition of  ‘A world of inspiration‘ is a wondrous tale that reads like a novella. Written by Jennifer Laceda, this story takes place in New York and beautifully captures the rush of energy that one often experiences in big cities. Jennifer is an avid blogger and photographer who is based in Canada. Her […]

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Sundays in San Telmo

I love Buenos Aires (BA). BA is one of those unique, terribly fascinating cities that one stumbles upon, falls in love with and keeps coming back to. One of my favourite things to do in Buenos Aires is join in the festivities during the Sunday Market in the borough of San Telmo. San Telmo (map) […]

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