Velvet moments: Amsterdam in one photo

It was a sunny winter day and I happened to pass the back of the famous Flower Market in Amsterdam. I’ve walked down this stretch a million times but I guess with the bright sunshine, this scene, which I’m so familiar with, looked fresh and, well, new! I stopped to admire the gorgeous houses and the colourful floral walls of the Flower Market. I snapped this photo and then realised that this scene of the houses, flowers and bicycles really is so typical of Amsterdam. There’s a canal in there somewhere too. Hehe! Saying that this sums up Amsterdam in one photo is stretching it but it sure comes close.


A typical scene in Amsterdam.

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2 Responses to “Velvet moments: Amsterdam in one photo”

  1. Rob Hermans 21/03/2015 1:53 pm

    lovely pic!

  2. Penny 19/03/2015 3:16 am

    Gotta love a bike using metropolis like Amsterdam. Inspirational for the rest of the world!

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