British Columbia tells her natural story


Once upon a time (1871 to be precise), in a far away land (i.e. North America) a beautiful province called British Columbia decided to join the Canadian Confederation instead of the USA. The magic of British Columbia’s story can be found in its centuries-old sequoias, majestic white mountains, deep blue lakes and passing whales. The main character in this story? Nature.

Nature at her best

British Columbia’s varied nature shamelessly shows off her beauty. Rain forests, mountain ranges, rivers and torrents, volcanoes, waterfalls, sandy beaches, glaciers and even a tiny desert – its 824 parks have it all.

Adventurers will never want to leave. Swim and surf at the golden beaches, kayak around the tiny islands, raft down the crazy torrents, climb up the mountains, snowboard down the snowy slopes, explore the caves, camp by the rivers, cycle along the endless green pathways.

Those who prefer adrenaline-free activities can visit the big cities and enjoy the galleries, museums, shops and restaurants of British Columbia.

Vancouver – the “Wet Coast” Pearl

Locals seem to ignore it but visitors can’t help but notice Vancouver’s endless rainy season. Just get a raincoat and explore this modern metropolis locked between the Coastal Mountains and the Pacific, as there’s an immense number of things to do and see in Vancouver.

Every district has its own secret to share. Have some original dim sun at Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, then stroll down fashionable Yaletown and get lost among the roses of Stanley Park. Beer lovers should go straight to Granville Island, visit its brewery and enjoy the special Maple Cream Ale. Also, remember to greet the giant octopus at the Vancouver Aquarium and hug a 500-year-old tree at Seymour National Park. A must-see is Gastown with its old-style houses and the famous Steam Clock (between you and me, it’s all electric now!). If you feel fit enough, take the very tough 2.9km Grouse Grind Trail then get closer to the Pacific for a kayak race and your first ever windsurf lesson. In Vancouver you can ski in the morning on the slopes of Grouse Mountain or Cypress Bowl and sunbathe in the afternoon at one of the city’s many beaches!

For more elaborate sun and snow experiences go North to the Sunshine Coast for magnificent ocean cruises and diving and to the exclusive Whistler Resort where apart from the usual winter sports you can climb frozen waterfalls and explore glaciers.

Vancouver Island – the Real Treasure Island

A unique combination of wilderness and civilisation, Vancouver Island is never boring. Victoria, the province’s capital will charm you with its colonial architecture and flowers everywhere. You can have an unforgettable meeting with the whales on the island’s West Coast, visit Canada’s tallest waterfalls, the Della Falls, and dine at Campbell River – the “Salmon Capital of the World”.

Queen Charlotte Islands  or Haida Gwaii

The best word to describe Haida Gwaii is “original”. Unique animal and plant species inhabit the islands, home of the indigenous Haida people. Remember to explore British Columbia’s past, taking its roots to the aboriginal First Nations. This is the best place to see their tall totems and original art.

Looking for Adventure? Befriend a Grizzly

This is another of British Columbia’s unforgettable adventures but do not worry if somehow you do not fancy the company of fierce grizzlies. You can look for safer adventures and more information at My Destination British Columbia, then all you have to do is visit British Columbia and live happily ever after.

A guest post by Nazeli K. Kyuregyan.

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3 Responses to “British Columbia tells her natural story”

  1. Sammy 23/04/2011 11:20 pm

    I’ve been in Toronto the last 2 years and I don’t really like it.. Everyone’s been telling me BC is amazing. I need to go!!

  2. Debbie Beardsley 22/04/2011 7:15 pm

    I have never been to BC but really need to. I have never heard anything but wonderful reports about this beautiful area.

  3. nithya (Life Out of a Suitcase) 22/04/2011 11:00 am

    as a proud Canadian, I’m glad BC joined Canada instead of the US! 🙂

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