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Errr… what? 499? That’s the number that popped up when I glanced at my Dashboard yesterday. 499 posts! Wow! When I launched the Velvet Escape blog on 30th December 2008, it never occurred to me that I would one day hit the milestone of 500 posts. It’s been an incredible journey – along the way, I’ve made so many new friends, forged partnerships with sponsors and learned so much from everyone. Oh, and not to mention the amazing trips I’ve been on. 🙂

To celebrate this milestone, I’ve listed a selection of some of my favourite posts in various categories.

Five blog trips that rocked my world

  • At Valencia F1 paddock with @adventuregirl @insidetravellab @johnonolan @viajarcondiego & @traveldudes

    Costa Brava. The ultimate blog trip featured some of the world’s best restaurants and a skydive!

  • Valencia Formula One. An amazing opportunity to experience the world of Formula One races up close.
  • Tuscany. An unforgettable exploration of off-the-beaten-path spots in Tuscany.
  • Sabah. Incredible wildlife (and food) in my favourite Malaysian state.
  • Catalonia. My first blog trip and one I’ll never forget!

Five of my favourite guest posts

Five travel experiences that I’ll never stop talking about

Five personal stories that inspire

Meeting the Masaai in Kenya.

Five of my favourite photo essays

Five of my favourite plane views

Amazing food in Valencia.

Five of my favourite foodie moments


A HUGE THANK YOU goes to my readers, friends, sponsors and family for your support and encouragement. I would also like to thank all the guest writers for your beautiful contributions to Velvet Escape – getting to the 500-mark would’ve been a lot less inspiring without you!

Here’s to the next 500! CHEERS! 🙂

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  • Thanks so much Lara! Really appreciate your fab comment.
    Your Venice post is certainly one of my favourite guest posts. 🙂


  • Congratulations, Keith! Great stuff! I know how hard it is to produce so much quality content, so you’ve done exceedingly well, be proud of it! And thanks for including me on the list above, too! x

  • Thank you Lori & Leslie for your lovely comments. Hope to keep you glued to VE in the next 500! 🙂


  • It seems that sometimes time flies, right? I cannot believe either that I’ve read 500 posts here on your blog. Please receive my sincere congratulations, Keith!

    To many more interesting posts, to many more fascinating trips, to many more wonderful moments and great friends – from all over the world!

    Cheers, Lori (Travel – Moments in Time)

  • Thanks Vera! And thanks for being one of the first guest writers on VE. 🙂

    Big hugs,

  • Thank you Leigh! It was a joy putting it all together! 🙂
    Cheers to the next 500!


  • Keith- Congratulation on putting out so many wonderful posts covering a wide range of topics – all of which I find interesting. I wish you great adventures on the next 500 posts.

  • Thank you Mark & Rajul for your comments. I’m still pretty much in La-La Land – I was just so amazed when I saw the number. Really cool that people are enjoying my work and the support from you guys is terrific. It’s awesome that we’re all growing our blogs together and helping/inspiring each other in so many ways.
    Cheers to you mates! 🙂


  • Well done Keith! I love your blog categories and the way you’ve grouped your favourite posts. You’ve also got an amazing talent for writing. Keep up the great work!

  • Keith,

    What an awesome milestone to reach-Congrats! Thanks for adding a much needed light on our path to this wonderful life of travel blogging…keep it up my friend!

  • Bedankt Isa! 🙂
    Thanks so much for your support & your friendship. And it’s always a joy to travel with you Mrs. Jenkins! 😉
    ps/ Love the way you weaved the VE tagline into your comment. Very smooth! 🙂

    Big hugs & lots of cheer,

  • Congratulations!! You`re a great INSPIRATION to the travel community and to all travelers out there EXPLORING the world and EXPERIENCING new adventures 😉 And also a wonderful friend, keep up the awesome job you`re doing!!

  • Hi Doreen, haha, it did take a while to go through the posts and I’m sure I missed some of my other favourites but oh well! 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment and your kind wishes. Hope we get to meet some day.


  • Congratulations, Keith! What a milestone.

    Thanks for putting together your highlights for us. That in itself must have been quite the effort! You had SO much terrific material to go thru!

    May you have many, many more wonderful travel adventures. And may our paths cross soon.

  • Haha, thanks Andy for your comment and for your beautiful contributions to VE. 🙂 I just published my 501st post 30 minutes ago so you’re safe. LOL! 😉

    Cheers & hugs,

  • Congratulations Keith! you should feel very proud – a job well done and I’m very happy to have met you along your journey.

    ps: don’t get any funny ideas about calling your next post 501 Velvet Escapes – that’s MY number 😉

  • congrats my friend! you’re a smiling person, and we all can see that on your blog and enjoy it smiling back.
    big hugs from italy!

  • Congratulations Keith! 500 whoa! What a great achievement! Cheers to 500 more! 🙂

  • PS
    I am really disappointed the fridge magnet post didnt make the top 5 fav… it’s one of my favorites!
    STILL xxxooo

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