A special guest post by @agentcikay one of Malaysia’s top food bloggers. She delights us with a gorgeous gastronomic experience at Iggy’s in Singapore.

When someone tells you “Get ready, we are going to dinner at Iggy’s”, what this actually means is , get out your Louboutins, we are going to have the dinner of a lifetime. Iggy’s is ranked No.45 on the S Pellegrino World’s 50 best restaurants List 2009 so I made sure my camera had batteries in it.. and that my hair looked great.

Sea urchin amuse bouche

At Iggy’s whilst the deco and ambiance of the place is not something you would call super modern (the main dining room looks cozy rather than clinical), the food itself is really rather cutting edge, beautifully presented and encompasses all the subtleties and style of modern cuisine. Iggy’s plays with textures, colors, and flavours like how a child plays without inhibitions at Kindergarten art class.

There is only one thing on the Dinner Menu. The Gastronomic menu of USD $140++ (without booze) whether you walk in at 9pm or 11pm, that’s what you get. To kick off the night, we were served two amuse bouche, on the house , which was a rather nice touch.

The first amuse bouche was the sashimi-grade sea urchin served on a bed of shiso jelly topped with cauliflower mousse. This sea-urchin was smooth on the palate and really pleasing to the eye. It looked like someone served up spring on a white plate. The second amuse bouche (also on the house) was smoked trout. Cherry wood was employed to produce the white fumes inside that futuristic looking semi-metallic semi-Perspex orb. Smoky, woody, and fishy.. I really loved the caviar (not lump fish either.. but beluga).


Service here is top notch too. Discreet yet attentive, with lightning reflexes – the waiters anticipate your every need to within a nano-second. It’s like an art form!

Looking at the Hamachi, you could say that the Japanese Kaiseki dining style has also been an influence at Iggy’s. Classy, delicate and ‘no rush’ are words that come to mind, eating this young, sweet yellow tail. Be prepared to dine for at least two and a half to three hours here.

vege garden - mushrooms and foam At Iggy’s you get to eat rare Japanese mushrooms gathered at their apex of maturity. With this ingenious creation, one is supposed to toss the mushrooms with the foam and eat the end product as it is. Incredibly exquisite. The sanma fish on wild rice , olive and thyme was nothing short of superb.

sanma and wild rice I was told by the waiter that the Chef himself likes to employ a light touch in cooking his food, and that is how he so successfully brings out the subtle flavours in a dish. Of course, make no mistake, the fact that the produce is super fresh contributes to how fantastic things taste.

Next up, the oats and gizzards with lobster. This  perfect ensemble, was brilliantly executed. Taste wise not too gamy and the lobster was superbly fresh.

After the palette cleanser, the Wagyu beef was served. Grade 9 Wagyu that melted in one’s mouth –  I gave up my flute of champagne for a glass of  Burgundy to complement the aroma and textures in the Beef.

Grade 9 Wagyu For the dessert, the juicy sweet seed pulp, and slightly gritty flesh of the feijoa was purposely converted into a smooth jelly – a complete contradiction in texture. So molecular.. dining made so incredibly entertaining. I felt like I could start the entire course over!

Enter the Petite Fours, which literally translated to Little Oven. The little cake was rich, and thick with cream nuts and fruit. A gorgeous mini tiramisu.

pop rock tarts If you are a big kid at heart, like I am, then you will love the “pop-rocks” tart.. on the house. Hugely amusing, these cute bite size morsels explode and crackle in your mouth. Our waiter’s advice, “kindly consume in one swift mouth full and do not chew, rather suck for maximum satisfaction”. Did I not say that service here was par excellent?

Well, it was a fantastic experience. What can I say, except… for maximum indulgence, just visit Iggy’s!

Iggy’s, 1 Cuscaden Road, The Regent Singapore, Singapore.

Strongly advised to call 65 6732 2234 for reservations.

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  • The molecular gastronomy is still building force here in Taipei where I live, but we do have a Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier here. I think that’s about as close as we’re going to get for now. So I need to settle for others’ experiences… And this is fantastic!

    Lovely photos for sure, and great descriptions. I hadn’t heard of this place, but it’s been a while since I was in Singapore. The food looks wonderfully creative, so thanks for letting me know. Do you know anything about the Taipei dining scene? Any ideas of other restaurants a curious expat could hit?

  • Hmm..I don’t think I could afford IGGY…oh but the food look scrumptious!! IGGY seems like @agentcikay ‘s velvet escape! 🙂

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