A cycling holiday in Cyprus

Every year, millions of people pack their suitcases and head off to the nearest airport for their annual holiday. We all have our own specific reasons for wanting to get away from it all, but for most of us it’s simply because we want an opportunity to rest and relax under a warm sun and not have to worry about the pressures of work and family commitments for a while. To cater to more active visitors, many destinations are keen to offer opportunities for wind-surfing, abseiling, tennis, golf and dozens of other experiences.

One of the most popular activities of all is cycling, and some European resorts welcome thousands of keen cyclists on an annual basis. In many ways, it represents the perfect vacation activity, because each participant can do as little or as much as they want; in most places, there is no specific finishing point to worry about. For family groups, cycling can provide a welcome distraction from a constant schedule of visiting the beach, and can allow the younger members of the party to let off a little steam. Needless to say, there are also organised groups of dedicated cyclists who will sign up to a more intense programme of long and arduous daily rides.

A cycling holiday in Cyprus

In recent years, the eastern Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus has developed a wide range of activities including cycling holidays. Check out Mountain Bike Cyprus who offers great cycle holiday packages. There are few destinations for cyclists which can match the beautiful island of Cyprus. The undulating terrain throughout the coastal regions – the region around Paphos is especially popular – is perfect for all riders, from the occasional participant who simply wants to get away from the crowd to the serious individual who’s looking for something a little more punishing.

Cyprus' beautiful coastline
Cyprus’ beautiful coastline
Quaint villages dot the Cyprus hinterland
Quaint villages dot the Cyprus hinterland

One of the reasons so many cyclists choose Cyprus is the wonderful climate. In the summer, the days are invariably warm and sunny, but even on the hottest afternoon there is often a cooling breeze coming in from the Mediterranean. And in winter there’s still a pleasantly temperate feel in the air.

Getting to this wonderful island is easy from the UK and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, either. There are affordable holidays to Cyprus to be found on the web, thanks to Jet2holidays, so if you’ve ever dreamt of taking to two wheels in one of Europe’s most picturesque destinations now is the time to do it.

Note: this post was brought to you in partnership with Jet2Holidays.

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  • There’s so much to discover in Cyprus and some great historical landmarks. Cycling, apart from being the focus of your holiday, is a great way to travel and see all there is to offer.

  • Yes, indeed. Cyprus has many activities for the more adventurers and cycling is one of them (also bird watching, all kinds of water sports, religious tourism with lots of monasteries and even skiing on the Troodos mountains…). Many agrotourism establishments will welcome visitors with the famous Greek hospitality.

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