Apostle’s Edge

I walked into the living room and I gasped. Right there before me was one of the most stunning views from any house I’ve ever been in. The cloudless blue sky stretched into the distant horizon whilst the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean shimmered in the afternoon sun like a blanket of diamonds. I looked around me and saw a spacious room with an elegant interior, plush furniture and a cosy fireplace. I walked to the end of the room, opened the sliding door and stepped onto the terrace. I caught wafts of the scent of the ocean, brought by the soft breeze. Above me, several gulls glided noisily in the air and in the distance, I could hear the waves breaking on the rocky coast. This was the Apostle’s Edge villa in Camps Bay, Cape Town and it was simply bewitching! If I could have a dream home away from home, this would be it!

I’d seen photos of Apostle’s Edge before and they looked stunning but being there and witnessing its jaw-dropping location first-hand was a different story altogether. I was going to have the privilege of staying there for a whole week and I clapped my hands in glee.

The view from my bedroom

The villa is huge. Built on the slopes of the Twelve Apostles mountains, just ten minutes by car from Cape Town’s central business district in a quiet corner of Camps Bay, the villa has three floors in a spacious layout. The driveway and garage are located on the top floor. From there, a staircase leads down to the living area that consists of a large living room and adjoining terrace, a dining room and an equally large walk-in kitchen. I was particularly impressed with the kitchen, equipped with, amongst others, a large refrigerator, cooking stove and utensils, microwave, oven and a dishwasher. There are six bedrooms, each with an ocean view, spread across the three floors – the bedrooms on the upper floor have large balconies. I chose the bedroom on the first floor, adjacent to the living area yet very private. Big windows provided unobstructed views of the ocean. I relished the thought of getting up every morning to that stunning view from my bed! The ground floor has several bedrooms, a large terrace and a plunge pool.

The living room, fireplace and adjacent terrace
Comfortable beds in rooms with a spectacular view
Spacious bathrooms

It was a joy to wake up every morning as I never knew what I would get to see once I opened the curtains. One morning, I saw a pod of whales swim by. On another morning, I was greeted by dark clouds and a gorgeous rainbow. On most mornings, I would sit on the terrace with a mug of coffee and a croissant and take in the view. I can’t think of any other way to wake up that’s both soothing and inspiring. The evenings were just as unforgettable – we were treated to spectacular sunsets almost every day!

Greeted by stormy seas and a rainbow one morning
Gorgeous sunsets

Needless to say, I had an amazing stay at Apostle’s Edge. The week flew by so quickly but I managed to grab many moments to enjoy the comforts of the villa and immerse myself in the glorious view.

Apostle’s Edge is located in the beautiful Camps Bay neighbourhood, a short but very scenic drive from the Cape Town CBD – the drive takes you past the Twelve Apostles and the Table Mountain, and I can assure you that you’ll be glued to the spectacular view of the ocean and the mountains each time. The beaches, restaurants and shops of Camps Bay are a stone’s throw away. The best part is: Apostle’s Edge can be rented for your next holiday in Cape Town!

If I had one complaint about Apostle’e Edge, it would be about the design of the villa. Everything is focused on maximising the ocean view; from the large windows to the position of the beds. I personally would have incorporated a wrap-around or roof terrace with a 360 degree view, considering this is the scenery behind the villa!

The view of the Twelve Apostles behind Apostle’s Edge!

Simply incredible, isn’t it? 🙂

Note: a huge thank you goes to Cape Town Tourism and Nox Rentals for your wonderful hospitality. As always, all views expressed above are mine.

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