Germany reunified: 25 years on – the video


East Berliners scrambling to freedom – a miniature re-enactment of the fall of the Berlin Wall at Miniatur Wunderland.

A chain of historic events led to the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989. The wall formed a barrier that separated not only two ideologies but families and friends for 28 years. The fall of the wall paved the way for the reunification of West and East Germany, allowing for families and friends to be reunited. Since the fall of the wall, a united Germany has established itself not only as a global economic powerhouse but also as a travel destination that has lots to offer to all visitors. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of German reunification, my friends from the Story Travelers team created this video to highlight Germany’s cultural, historic and natural attractions. This Germany Reunified video is simply stunning! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Sure makes me want to visit Germany… again, and again… 🙂


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