Kenya: your favorite travel album

A lot has been written about Kenya but the essential is this: an excellent camera with an extra memory card is a must. Here are some tips on how to arrange your hundreds of priceless pictures of dusty cities, ocean beaches, colorful fish and lazy lions. So, charge the batteries and prepare for photogenic Kenya!

Section 1: Urban Kenya

Start off with Nairobi, Kenya’s noisy and chaotic capital, which, regardless of its unattractive ‘Nairobbery’ nickname (due to high crime rates), is worth a short visit. You will end up with interesting photos of its busy town centre and colourful open markets (where you’ll practice your best bargaining techniques). Explore the Aga Khan and Masai markets to taste (and photograph) some strange exotic fruits and traditional dishes such as the githeri, the mandazi and the chicken with coconut sauce.  Do not exaggerate with the banana beer.

Your next urban visit is to ancient Lamu on Lamu Island. Your pictures of this tranquil medieval town will capture the magic mix of the Portuguese, Islamic and Swahili traditions. Visit the Swahili Museum and have a special photo session at the Donkey Sanctuary.

Next stop: the culturally rich and entertaining Mombasa. Hop on a boda-boda, or bicycle taxi, for a photographic tour of Mombasa Island and take a few pictures of the beautiful Portuguese Fort Jesus.

The white, palm-lined Indian Ocean coastline just outside Mombasa will give you some very inspiring photo themes. Use your waterproof camera to capture the magnificent coral reef overpopulated by brightly coloured fish and sea turtles. Relax here and prepare for the most exciting part of your voyage.

Section 2: Safari Kenya

Safari – the Swahili word for voyage, is what Kenya is all about. As a safari veteran, Kenya will bring you unbelievably close to the wilderness like never before.

Around Amboseli National Park’s swamps you will take fabulous pics of elephant herds drinking water with the majestic white-topped Kilimanjaro at the back. Take on an early morning safari to greet the leopards, buffalos, zebras and the supermodel giraffes elegantly strolling around the baobab trees. Fly over the park on an ultralight plane for some bird’s view pics of lion cubs playing with their lazy mothers, cheetahs chasing Thomson’s gazelles and colonies of pink flamingos.

The famous Maasai Mara National Reserve, or simply ‘the Mara’, will thrill you to such an extent that you might actually forget to take any pictures. The park is home to the Maasai people who coexist with a lavish variety of animals, Africa’s Big Five included. Here you’ll get the famous postcard image of a male lion posing for you under a huge acacia tree with a scarlet sunset above. Don’t forget to photograph the funny hippos and the heavy cubs of the rare black rhino. The Maasai deserve an entire section in your album with their bright red clothes, beaded jewelry, warrior swords and lively dances. The romantics can have a balloon safari and, if they are lucky, might witness one of the most impressive mysteries of nature – the Wildebeest Migration where millions of wildebeests travel south towards the Serengeti.

What if the worst happens?

In case an angry olive baboon steals your camera, do not worry too much. You can immediately organize your next visit to Kenya through In any case, be sure that your own memory will store forever all the magnificent impressions of picture perfect Kenya.

A guest post by Nazeli K. Kyuregyan.

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