Gay Canal Parade

Gay Canal Parade

Amsterdam’s two biggest annual events are the Queen’s Birthday on the 30th of April and the Gay Pride weekend during the first weekend of August. On both occasions, the city centre turns into one big party zone attracting several hundred thousand people.

The Queen’s Birthday is the only day of the year when the Dutchies are allowed to sell whatever they want on the street. All the cities, towns and villages in the country are transformed into huge open-air markets. Amsterdam has the biggest collection of junk (though a lucky shopper picked up a small painting several years back from a guy who was clearing out his attic and it turned out to be a Rembrandt!) and the biggest street parties.

The (in)famous Gay Pride Canal Parade is held on the first Saturday of the month and tourists from all over the world come to see it. The atmosphere in the city during this weekend was once (aptly) described as “Mardi Gras on steroids”. It really is electric and is much much more than a visual delight.

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