I received some great news today. A photo taken by me during one of my trips to Bali won a prize at Matador Network‘s ‘Travel Therapy’ photo essay contest! It’s the first time a photo of mine has won anything so, as you can imagine, I’m thrilled to bits! 🙂

This is the winning photo and its caption.


“I find Bali very therapeutic. It can be very hectic & the traffic is sometimes horrendous (especially around the main tourist areas) but there’s something about the charm and grace of the Balinese, the enchanting scenery and temples, and the amazing spas (the concept was probably invented there!) that I find absolutely soothing. Sinking my feet into the cool sand of Jimbaran or Seminyak with a cold beer and a lobster platter while watching the sunset is my idea of bliss!”

Please check out the other entries for this photo essay contest.

If you liked this photo, you’ll certainly like my other sunset photos! 🙂

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