My velvet escape travel tip“ is a guest series about what the name ‘Velvet Escape’ evokes and what that would be in the hometown of the guest writer. With this series, I hope to uncover travel tips from places around the world to help visitors have a truly local experience.

Bali Cliff Beach
Bali Cliff Beach

Passport & airplane tickets: checked. Luggage: well packed, still enough space for buying Bali t-shirts and those souvenirs of the island. Hotel booking & car hire: confirmed and reconfirmed. Money: enough for a 5-night trip to the sand, sea and sun island. Browsing for Bali beaches recommended on some great blogs : Done! Hmm…what else?…

You see, I’m glad I don’t have to do all those check lists when people visit this island of gods, Bali. Yes, I’m thankful I live in Bali. Can you imagine how much I could save from escaping those must do things before arriving at a beautiful, pristine beach with crystal clear water, somewhere in Bali?

Enjoying the Bali Cliff Beach
Enjoying the Bali Cliff Beach

Sometimes it takes hours and sweats to get to a secluded beach area! The Bali Cliff Beach in Ungasan is such a beach. This beautiful secluded beach is located adjacent to the Bali Cliff Resort. To get there, use the same road to go up to the Bukit Peninsula heading to Uluwatu. Once you see the intersection of Nirmala Supermarket and Balangan Beach, you turn to the left following the sign, then just follow the main road. To go to the beach you should take the road on the left as the right road will take you to the resort.

Bali Cliff Beach is a beautiful beach with total privacy where there will be almost no one but you and your partner. The hardest part is actually to climb back those 200+ stairs! But it’s all worth it. When I lie on this white sandy beach, I just feel so peaceful and my every day worries just seem to melt away. The sound of the waves and the blue water in front of me, that’s all that matters, and this is my velvet escape travel tip… at a very minimum cost.

Working and living in Bali for me is a great privilege – I’ve lived here for more than eight years now. If people have to spend lots of money for this island getaway, I feel like I am paid to go on vacation everyday. In Bali, we say: “Everyday is a holiday”. And I still feel this way even to date. How wonderful that is!

About this week’s guest writer
frangipani beeGaby Suroto is a Javanese living in Bali and enjoying the Balinese lifestyle. Gaby shares with her readers great tips and ideas about Bali and its beautiful beaches on Bee Amazing and Balinese culinary delights on Wisatakulinerbali . Gaby is a fervent lover of ice cream, sushi, chocolate and music. Follow @gabybali & @BaliYummyBlog on Twitter!

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