Ontario’s Overwhelming geography and Opulent culture are Only a few of its charms. Choose this Original destination to get in touch with nature, to explore One of the many faces of Canada and witness sceneries you will never forget. On your way back home your eyes will see only two colours: the dark green of the endless parks covering Ontario and the light silvery-blue of its shimmering Great Lakes.

North vs. South

Split your Ontario journey between North and South. With contrasting characters, the two parts of the region offer completely different experiences.

Head North if you are longing to have a quiet word with Mother Nature, just the two of you, far from local routines and tourist fuss. Sleep in a ‘wilderness lodge’ or camp in the forests where extreme temperatures and lack of commodities will seem an insignificant price to pay for the breathtaking views Nature will give you. This vast, scarcely populated wilderness has an astonishing menu of adventures to choose from. Just jump into a canoe and slowly drift down the crystal waters of Lake Superior Provincial Park rivers and observe the marvellous wildlife on your way. Play with snow while dog sledding, snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding but only after having had a solid breakfast with maple syrup pancakes in a friendly town bistro. The locals will give you your first ever hockey lesson and will convince you to take part in an ice-fishing competition.

Next, you should take the Polar Bear Express to go even further North and visit Moosonee – the town considered “the Gateway to the Arctic”.

Inexperienced adventurers should not worry! Tour operators will organise the original Canadian outdoor escapade of your dreams, providing all the equipment and arranging your Ontario accommodation. Find more details at My Destination Ontario.

At the end of your “into the wild” chapter, head South and see what stories Southern Ontario has to tell you. Next stop: Toronto!

The Toronto Fusion

Canada’s biggest city and capital of Ontario is all about fusion. Have a look at its architecture – a mixture of past and future, of old Victorian houses and avant-garde constructions such as the landmark CN Tower. A cultural melting pot, Toronto’s outer beauty, highlighted by the shiny waters of Lake Ontario, is combined with a rich cultural character, kept alive and renewed by an endless program of events and festivals.

You will love to get lost at the busy Harbourfront with Lake Ontario on one side and a myriad of restaurants, theatres, museums, shops and parks on the other. Art lovers will be happy to visit the Royal Art Gallery, whereas sports fans will go straight to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Harbourfront Centre is unique with its various cultural events, open-air and free in the summer. In case of bad weather, the restless visitor can take the city’s walking underground network, the PATH, made of tunnels with shops and cafés leading to “TO’s” biggest attractions.

After a busy morning of exploration, you can have a relaxing pick-nick on the Toronto Islands. Go souvenir-hunting in Baldwin Village, then get closer to the lake at The Beaches. At the end of your sight-seeing day, you can relax in a cozy fish restaurant before you get swallowed by Toronto’s night life. Discos, bars and outdoor live music will introduce you to the liveliest feature of Toronto’s character. However, do not spend too much time there, as there is so much more to see!

Fall in Love with Niagara Falls


Canada’s foremost landmark – the majestic waterfalls will impress you with their whiteness. The braver tourists can take a very close boat trip and almost touch the tons of falling water. Those who have more time should explore the rest of the Niagara Peninsula with its famous vineyards. A glass or two of the exceptional ice-wine, produced by frozen grapes, is a must on your way to Ottawa – the sober and serious capital.

One Last Thing


In the end, no matter how much of Ontario you see, One thing remains certain: there will still be SOOOO much more you’ve missed!

A guest post by Nazeli K. Kyuregyan.

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  • Great story! Would also like to add that a visit to at least one smaller Ontario town or city is a must (Yah, there is life beyond Toronto). Otherwise you’re missing out on an essential part of Ontario life. Try Niagara-on-the-Lake, Paris, Glen Williams, Stratford, Orillia, etc.

  • It’s such a warm day today, I feel like diving into the waterfall. I know I’ll drown but yeah.. 😛

  • From natural sights to amazing architecture, Ontario definitely has a lot to offer. Looking forward to see it all!

  • One of the most impressive and significant areas bordering what some may consider northern and southern Ontario is the Algonquin Area. When one looks at the map of Ontario, the most significant green area on the map is Algonquin Park…the largest Provincial Park in Ontario.

    It is on many visitors wish list, especially during the autumn months. See fall road trips in and around the Algonquin area

  • I loved your last statement “no matter how much of Ontario you see, One thing remains certain: there will still be SOOOO much more you’ve missed!” is true of so many places.

    I enjoyed this article as a definite travel guide of Ontario!

  • Ontario is wonderful, the lakes, the falls, the museums in Ottawa, the multiculturalism of Toronto and the natural beauty of the north. It’s a great place!

    I may be biased, but you have to visit Quebec next 🙂

  • I’ll be kayaking in Lake Superior this summer – an area I have never explored so quite looking forward to communing with nature – and being 100% out of touch for a week.

    Nice coverage of a huge province which does offer something for everyone.

  • Heading to Toronto for a long weekend in June, can’t wait. Wish I had more time so I could actually get out of the city. Oh well.
    My fave museum in Toronto though is the shoe museum. I mean, c’mon, SHOES!! it’s awesome.

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