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Whampoa Club lobby
Whampoa Club lobby

My latest Velvet Escape experience was in Shanghai recently, where I had the pleasure of dining at The Whampoa Club. This restaurant  is an opulent setting for Jereme Leung’s modern interpretations of traditional Shanghainese cuisine. Contemporary Chinese or Chinese Fusion are the other names that this type of cuisine, goes by.

The entrance to the Whampoa Club is in the side street off the Bund. You walk past the up-market Armani store then enter a darker smaller road. You will then see the Whampoa Club signage…  take the lift to the fifth floor where you emerge into a startlingly opulent gilded gold and red lobby/holding area. There is a huge, modern crystal chandelier that dominates this room. As you walk through the long corridor, you will notice two extremely pretty ladies playing traditional Chinese music instruments. If this is not ‘Velvet Escape’ paradise, I don’t know what is.

You will have a gorgeous view of the Pudong district, i.e. , the Bund from where you sit and appraise your menu. Tonight, we decided on the degustation menu priced at RMB688 per person – this is before you add on the wine and champagne.

soup of crab claw
soup of crab claw

We had the trio starter of old fashioned shanghai smoke fish, chilled drunken chicken in shaved ice and trio marinade in glutinous rice wine brine. Exquisite.

Next up was the soup of crab claw, double boiled in duck, chicken and pigeon stock. This totally knocked our socks off.

Then came to dynamic duo of steamed cod fish with ‘Ji’ vegetable and Crispy king prawn flavoured with crispy milk and oat flakes. The sweet king prawn tempered the salty cod fish to perfection.

Wagyu beef with pistachio
Wagyu beef with pistachio

Then, as if to remind you not to forget that the Chef is in tune with European trends, enter the Pan-seared Australian Wagyu beef with pistachio nuts. The beef melted in our mouths and the pistachio complemented its gamy taste to perfection. This was my favourite of the night.

The assorted mushroom handmade noodles in X.O. sauce was a real winner too. Perfectly al-dente and luscious to taste. I loved the heavy-handed way in which they added the X.O. wine… superb!

Mushrooms, noodles in X.O. sauce
Mushrooms, noodles in X.O. sauce

For the grand finale and dessert, we had the yogurt and strawberries ice-cream with seasonal fruits. A great end to the night.

I have been told that the prices here at Whampoa Club, would make some of China’s finest choke, but where else then can one go for Chinese food with quiet, yet impeccable service, breathtakingly stylish design and food that will have one surreptitiously licking ones plate!  Whampoa Club is a very serious restaurant serving some perfectly cooked food and we would gladly recommend this velvet escape experience to anyone who enjoys exquisitely good food!

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  • @ cumidanciki Definitely go to Dadong Roast Duck (Dadong kaoyang). My husband and I spent an amazing evening at the Dongzhimen location, which is newer and has really opulent decorations, still with a large window space to watch the ducks being roasted when you first walk in. The presentation is unbelievable – two highly trained cooks carve the duck immaculately for you at your table. Must write a blog on it at some point, actually!

  • Hi Megan,
    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, food does taste better with good company and/or a great view.


  • Wow, that sounds gorgeous and delicious. Is it just me, or does food always taste better where accompanied by a spectacular view. Still, quite pricey! In all the time I spent in China, I never paid that much for a meal. I have to admit, the amazing meal we had at Beijing’s Dadong Roast Duck restaurant might rival this one, but was quite a bit cheaper.

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