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Video interview with Solo Traveler

I was recently interviewed by Janice from Solo Traveler about my experiences during my round-the-world trip last year. What made me go on that solo trip, which places I visited and what I learned about the world and about myself? These were some of the questions posed by Janice. The video interview was conducted via […]

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A world of inspiration: A Familiar Face in a Foreign Land

This edition of ‘A world of inspiration‘ is a beautiful story by Nellie Huang who lives in Singapore. Nellie is a freelance travel writer who shares her travel tales via her blog: Wild Junket. Nellie’s narrative of a chance encounter on a bus in San Francisco eloquently captures the essence of what travel is all about. […]

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Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

A world of inspiration: The Cellist & the Historian

This week’s edition of ‘A world of inspiration‘ is a remarkable story by Janice Waugh who hails from Toronto, Canada. Janice is a freelance writer and a strong advocate of solo travel. Her story is poignant yet inspiring, and above all, a lesson of how a chance meeting can motivate us to seek a better […]

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A world of inspiration: His First Flight

This second edition of ‘A world of inspiration‘ is a contribution from Tammie Dooley, a Midwest-based explorer, photographer and writer. Tammie’s story is simple yet compelling, with a profound insight that applies to all of us. His First Flight Upon boarding the plane we discover our window seat taken. My son John and I are […]

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Twitter: a traveller’s treasure trove

Twitter is currently all the rage and is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon. It’s not so hard to see why. Apart from the high-profile celebrities who use Twitter to engage their fan base, this social networking service offers its users a unique opportunity to quickly share news, ideas, tips and knowledge in short 140-character messages. […]

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A world of inspiration: The Man Behind the Miracle

A great thing about travelling is the many, often unexpected, sources of inspiration we encounter. One of the best sources of inspiration lies in the people we meet. I’m certain that we all have travel stories to tell in which we met someone inspiring who may even have had an influence on us in some way […]

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Interview with Splendia

This is a really exciting moment. One of my favourite hotel sites, Splendia, has invited me for an interview to quiz me about my travel experiences. This will be the first of a series of interviews that Splendia will conduct with travel bloggers. Everyone is invited to post questions which I will answer during a […]

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Nail-biting landings

I just read a great article on Travel & Leisure on the world’s scariest runways (check out the slideshow) and it’s brought back quite a few harrowing memories. 🙂 I remember a landing once in the days when Hong Kong had its Kai Tak airport. It was during the monsoon and the plane was shuddering continuously […]

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