Plane views: Amstel River, Amsterdam

The name Amsterdam originates from the earliest settlement along the Amstel River where a dam was built. Amstel + dam = Amstellerdam, which eventually became Amsterdam. Nowadays, the river is lined by stately mansions, parks and leafy neighbourhoods. On a recent flight back to Amsterdam, I was treated to views of the Amstel River and the city as the plane approached Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The sun was setting, throwing long shadows across the city, while a slight haze enveloped the city. Despite the less than optimal conditions, the views of my town from the plane were simply gorgeous!

The three skyscrapers in the centre of the photo house the headquarters of various Dutch multinationals, among which, Philips. Locals call this corner of Amsterdam the ‘Manhattan on the Amstel’! 🙂 The Amstel Station is to the right of the skyscrapers. The photo on the right shows the buildings along the Amstel River taken from the Berlage bridge (the southernmost bridge in the photo above).

The photo below shows a bit more of the city centre of Amsterdam. The white façade of the ‘Stopera’ (City Hall) at the top of the river can clearly be seen. Other famous landmarks along the river that can be seen include the Amstel Hotel and the Carré theatre.

Amsterdam’s Ij harbour lies to the north of the city. In the photo above, the square towers of Amsterdam’s Central Station at the harbourfront as well as the domes of the St. Nicholas Church are unmistakable. The photo on the left shows the Magere brug (Skinny Bridge) and the Carré Theatre on the Amstel. If you look closely, you just might be able to spot these two Amsterdam landmarks in the aerial photo above.

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