Imagine your perfect flight experience. No crowded airport terminals and queues. The plane is just a few steps away from your chauffeur-driven limousine, and when you board, you’re greeted by your name and you have no trouble finding your seat because you can choose to sit wherever you want. During the flight, you can work (there’s wifi on board of course) or watch a movie quietly in your spacious seat. The flight attendant brings your drinks and meals whenever you wish, and your meal has been cooked specially for you by a master chef.

These are the luxuries you can look forward to on your very own private jet. The photo gallery below shows what, to me, would be the perfect flight experience:

This flight experience is not exclusive to those who own a private jet. With NetJets, you can purchase fractional ownership of a jet or become a cardholder of a NetJets Private Jet Card (which allows you to buy flying hours). Be it for business or pleasure, it’s the perfect way to rediscover the magic of flying, through an experience built around you, every time you fly.

Note: This post was brought to you in partnership with NetJets Europe.

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