Seasons greetings from Velvet Escape

Here’s wishing all my readers a lovely festive season and a happy, healthy and safe 2014! I’m grateful to have had a fulfilling year with lots of wonderful travel experiences, good health and time with my loved ones and friends around the world. A special thank you goes to you, my readers, family and friends, for following me and my adventures – having the opportunity to share my experiences with you makes what I do so much more meaningful.

THANK YOU! And remember… go explore. experience. and be inspired in 2014!

Christmas greetings

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One Response to “Seasons greetings from Velvet Escape”

  1. Maria 24/12/2013 2:42 pm

    It’s that time of year
    When the world falls in love
    Every song you hear seems to say,
    “Merry Christmas – May your new year dreams come true”

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