I recently received an invitation from my good friend Abi from the fabulous blog, Inside The Travel Lab, to participate in a new Tripbase project called My 7 Links. The idea is to get travel bloggers to feature their content in a special post by answering seven questions. It’s a simple yet brilliant idea and a great opportunity for the participating bloggers to dig into their archives and breathe new life into some of their most inspiring posts. The lovely Katie from Tripbase said this project shouldn’t take more than ten minutes and that we shouldn’t over-think it. With more than 500 posts to choose from and a mind that often resorts to “eenie, meenie, miney, moe” to decide what to order from a menu, I knew that would be impossible. BUT I always enjoy a good challenge so here we go! The clock starts ticking….. NOW!

Your most beautiful post

That would have to be Till It’s Gone, a post I wrote after my Dad passed away to express the jumble of emotions I was going through at the time and my Dad’s final lesson to me.

Your most popular post

I wrote Ten Things To Do in New Zealand as my entry for the Blog4NZ project following the devastating earthquake in Christchurch. It reached the top spot of my ‘Most Popular Posts’ list within an hour and it still holds the record.

Your most controversial post

The Ugliest Places In The World probably fits the bill best. Soon after publishing this post, I received many tweets and comments from readers who supported my view and many others who staunchly disagreed (and came up with their own suggestions). Pretty controversial I would say. 😉

Your most helpful post

Gosh, this was a hard one. After much pondering, I’ve decided to go for Ten Reasons to Travel Alone. Judging by the comments, I can safely say that this post helped give people a nudge to go solo.

A post whose success surprised you

I’ll have to go for Plane Views: Bora Bora. I wrote it in a few minutes, included two rather blurry images and hit ‘Publish’. I liked it but I never suspected that many others would too. It became my first post to chalk up more than ten thousand views and spurred a whole series of Plane Views posts.

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

I wrote The Lady With The Twinkling Eyes as a tribute to a remarkable lady I met in Santiago. It’s a long read (probably the reason it didn’t catch on) with a powerful message. It’s one of the posts I’m most proud of.

The post that you are most proud of

That would have to be Travelations: The Trip That Opened My Eyes simply because it contains the only e-book I’ve ever published single-handedly. 🙂

Ok. I’ve stopped the clock. It took me 1 hour 18 minutes and 26 seconds to sift through my archives and write this post. Hope you enjoyed reading these seven Velvet Escapes. One more thing I have to do for the My 7 Links projects: nominate five other travel bloggers to participate. Here they are:

  1. Solo Traveler
  2. Cumi & Ciki
  3. 501 Places
  4. A Lil Fat Monkey
  5. Uncornered Market

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  • Phew! Relieved to hear that it took you longer than 10 minutes as well! Glad you accepted the challenge – and I love that Bora Bora photo.

  • Thank you Vago. Glad you enjoyed reading the posts. Thrilled that you like my style of writing! Certainly made my day. 🙂


  • Hehe, thanks! 🙂 that’s one of my best April fool’s pranks to date. 😉

  • All great posts Keith. I love the way you write man. I’d say this was an hour + well spent.

    All the best, ~Vago

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