Spotlight: St. Lucia


The Pitons

The Pitons

This stunning island in the Eastern Caribbean boasts a verdant, mountainous interior and gorgeous palm-fringed beaches. This island nation is also home to the Pitons, probably the most iconic natural landmark in the Eastern Caribbean. These majestic twin mountains are the island’s major attraction but there’s a lot more for the visitor to discover. Explore rustic villages, the Caribbean’s only ‘drive-in’ volcano, colourful tropical gardens; embark on a challenging jungle trek; or discover the beautiful reefs off the coast. The easy-going, friendly and hospitable St. Lucians will make your stay a memorable experience.

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2 Responses to “Spotlight: St. Lucia”

  1. velvet 01/05/2009 4:32 pm

    Wow, those are some stunning photos! I’m a big fan of volcanos. If Bart loves jungle trekking, he should absolutely visit Costa Rica. The nature there is amazing! Thanks for your comment Gaby!


  2. Gaby-Bali 01/05/2009 4:24 pm

    WOWW! St.Lucia! Never heard of it before! From what you’ve described, it is definitely a kind of travel journey my bf,Benny,would like to do : Jungle Trekking and mountain hike, check out his shots!
    Thanks for the post,Keith!

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