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Luxury Myanmar river cruise – and the art of giving back

I met Janice and George Mucalov, two travel writers, on an Alaska cruise in 2011 and we’ve stayed in touch ever since, following each other’s travels via social media. Janice, George and I enjoy travelling in the same manner, i.e. comfortably, or rather… the ‘velvet’ way, so when Janice approached me with an idea for […]

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Shifting capitals

As a kid, I would spend hours studying my geographic encyclopedias. I memorised all the data I could find, like the size of each country, its population and its capital city and used this to challenge my friends at school to a game of “Name The Capital”. There was one guy at school, Raymond, whom […]

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Now is the time to visit Burma

A special guest post by Nick Pulley, founder of Selective Asia. For the last four decades, the people of Burma (Myanmar) have withstood one of the harshest regimes in modern history. The country’s military rulers, a cabal known as “the Generals”, have been unquestionably corrupt, imprisoning members of the opposition and refusing to acknowledge overwhelming […]

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A man and his children

A world of inspiration: The Man from Mandalay

This week’s edition of ‘A world of inspiration‘ is by Dave and Deb who hail from Canada. Dave and Deb are adventure travellers, traversing the globe on bicycles, in a kayak or by foot. They share with us an inspiring story which is a lovely tribute to the people of Myanmar, and a powerful lesson […]

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