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The splendour of the Lake District

Imagine green rolling hills that stretch to the feet of massive, boulder-like mountains. In the valleys, tranquil, finger-like lakes extend for miles, their forested shores occasionally interrupted by quaint settlements, grassy meadows and striking patches of daffodils. Crystal-clear streams and waterfalls abound. In the fields, white-faced Herdwick sheep graze peacefully, seemingly smiling at everyone who […]

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Enchanting spots: Calci Charterhouse, Tuscany

  The Calci Charterhouse is a magnificent Carthusian monastery located in Calci, at the foothills of the Monti Pisani (Pisan Mountains) about ten kilometers from Pisa. The Charterhouse traces its roots back to 1366 when it was founded by a group of Carthusians. However, its current baroque façade stems from the 18th century. Thanks to […]

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Velvet moments: travel photo of the week – Brunei

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei, is the country’s most famous landmark. Designed by an Italian architect, the mosque combines Moghul and Italian influences. Its main dome is covered in pure gold. Read the accompanying post: “Experiencing Brunei“. Search hotels in Brunei. See other Velvet Moments: The […]

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Celebrating Italy’s 150th Birthday in Lucca

Italy celebrated its 150th birthday on March 17, 2011. I was really lucky to get the opportunity to experience the celebrations in the town of Lucca during my recent blogtrip to Tuscany. It was a cold and rainy day but the colourful parades and bands more than made up for the miserable weather. The red-white-green […]

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A treasure trove in the forest

It all began with a course in art appreciation. In the late-19th century, the Kröller-Müller family was one of the wealthiest in Holland. Anton Kröller was chairman of Wm. H. Müller & Co., a conglomerate with large interests in shipping, the American grain trade and iron ore mining in Africa. One day, his wife, Helene […]

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A thrilling cable car ride in Hong Kong

I love cable cars. When I was a kid, I built simple models using string, wheels of discarded toy cars, little paper boxes (as the cabins – complete with drawings of windows and little faces), paperclips (to clip the ‘cabins’ to the string) and old shoe boxes (as the stations). The cable cars were suspended […]

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Velvet moments: travel photo of the week – the moon

Going for a star-gazing tour is a highlight of a visit to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. I was about to take a photo of the moon through the telescope when someone bumped my elbow. I like the accidental effect. The Sea of Tranquility, where the Apollo11 landed, can clearly be seen (the middle of […]

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Lunch with a view at Ruca Malen

Velvet moments: travel photo of the week – Ruca Malen winery

The Ruca Malen winery is located at the foothills of the Andes, near Mendoza, and is a great place for wine-tasting and a lunch with a fab view. Read the accompanying post: “The Good Life in Mendoza“. Search hotels in Mendoza.

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The Hong Kong skyline by day and night

Hong Kong has one of the most impressive skylines in the world – the high density of skyscrapers, squashed in between the mountains of Hong Kong island and Victoria Harbour, is simply mind-boggling. On my recent visit, I spent a day going from place to place to view the skyline from various vantage points. International […]

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Mount Kinabalu_2

Velvet moments: travel photo of the week – Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu in Sabah is Malaysia’s highest mountain (at 4,092 meters) and a magnificent sight from the air. Read the accompanying post: “Plane Views: Mount Kinabalu“. Search for hotels in Kota Kinabalu.

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