velvet | Prague
Old Town Square, Prague (image courtesy of Tom Stockwell)

Ten alternative things to do in Prague

A guest post by Tom Stockwell. The darling of the central European tourist scene and the cherry on top of many a bucket-list checking, dream fulfilling trip to the continent, it’s easy to say that in the past decade or so Prague has gone from being a bargain hunter’s sort-of-secret spot to a destination known […]

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Prague Castle and Charles bridge

Prague: hear all three sides of the story

Like all great cities, Prague too has many stories to tell. Once the cultural heart of Central Europe, boasting impressive architecture and Bohemian artistry, then a Communist city under Soviet regime ended by the Velvet Revolution, now a sparkling metropolis refreshed by modern culture. You can find more information on but be sure that […]

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Ten incredible bridge walks

I love bridges, from the simple brick-and-mortar and wooden contraptions (I’m not so sure about the rope kind) to the massive engineering marvels with their elegant spans and towering masts. Some cross a simple stream or small creeks whilst others traverse wide rivers, harbours and canyons. It’s always a joy to cross a bridge on […]

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