glass1 When I was a child, my parents bought me an encyclopedia set called ‘The World & Its People”. The facts, stories and pictures of every corner of our globe made a huge impression on me – that was the start of my love affair with travel. I studied each and every page of that 26-volume set countless times and made mental notes of the places that intrigued me. Thirty years later, and having covered hundreds of thousands of miles across 60-odd countries and territories, the list of places I would love to visit has shrunk somewhat. However, there are still so many other intriguing places that remain to be explored. I’ve listed below some of the places that are at the top of my list (with links to their corresponding pages on Wikipedia):

  1. Okavango Delta, Botswana – The world’s largest inland delta. I’ve heard so many stories of its spectacular wildlife.
  2. Samarkand & Bukhara, Uzbekistan – these historic cities are a showcase of Islamic art and architecture.
  3. Grand Canyon, USA – I flew over it once on a flight from Houston to San Francisco. It looked spectacular from the air and I promised myself I would visit it one day.
  4. Li River, China – a cruise along this river with its imposing limestone outcrops would be awesome.
  5. Antartica – I had the opportunity last year but chose not to go. It was a lucky call; the ship struck an iceberg and everyone was evacuated.
  6. Victoria Falls, Zambia – my aim is to see (all?) the world’s great waterfalls and this is surely one of them.
  7. Luxor and Aswan, Egypt – maybe a cruise down the Nile to visit these ancient sites.
  8. Nazka lines, Peru – one of the world’s greatest mysteries.
  9. Timbuktu, Mali – a friend of mine stayed in this ancient city of mud for a month and can’t stop talking about it!
  10. Rajasthan, India –  this region of India is truly majestic… say all my friends who’ve been there.

Now all I have to do is find the time and the resources to make these trips! 🙂 Which destinations are on your wish list? I would love to read about the places on your list and get some great ideas. If you’ve been to any of the places above, I would be very interested to hear about any tips or advice you may have. Thanks!

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  • Egypt is such a magical place – I’d dreamt about it since a little girl, and I wasn’t disappointed. I feel I should also share with you an amazing course I did while I was in Cairo – Sarah Merron of Fire Dragon Coaching teaches strategies that really helped me focus on getting the best out of myself and others around me, for both my work and personal life. She runs courses all over the world, so it’s a fantastic way to combine travel with self improvement. Here’s the link, it’s definitely worth checking out:

  • Hi Ted,
    Thank you for your comment. I can certainly recommend Borneo. My favourite part of Borneo is Sabah (Malaysian Borneo): magnificent nature, fantastic food and really friendly people.


  • Velvet,

    The Okavanga Delta would be #1 on my list too. Right up there with Borneo. The only place I have been to on the list is the Grand Canyon. It is amazing and it needs exploring. A drive to the South Rim for a few photos does not do it justice. I hiked down to the river and hiked up a side canyon and then walked up staying three nights in the Canyon. It was amazing.

  • Thank you Nico & Nellie for your comments. Glad to inspire travel dreams every so often! 🙂


  • Oh man, you opened the floodgates here, Keith. I was planning on going to see the Nazca Lines on our trip to Peru 3 years ago but didn’t end up having the time. I still want to see them. There are airplane tours you can take that give you the bird’s eye perspective showing you just how difficult those things would have been to make at the time they were done. The mystery is captivating.

    My plan is to take the slow train across northern India. Kolkotta, Varanasi, Lucknow, Jaipur, Amritsar. 2010?

  • Keith, Luxor and Aswan are stunning – definitely a better alternative to Cairo, and the historical sites are epic!

    I can’t wait to go to Iceland – planning to go nxt April. And Mongolia! Xinjiang! India! Uzbekistan! Macedonia! Bosnia! Montenegro! Nambibia! Gambia! Senegal!

    Ayikes, just too many. It’s actually nice to dream, sigh, sometimes we spend so much time on writing about our travels that we forget to dream once in a while. Thanks for getting me into the dreamy mood Keith!

  • What a great idea Keith! Your list looks amazing, and I recommend Bukhara/ Samarkand (and Khiva too) – they will blow you away.

    My list is endless and ever changing, but as of today my top 5 are:
    Japan, Mali, Svalbard, Marquesas Islands (South Pacific) and Guatemala.

  • Thanks for the comment. Wow! Okavango, Victoria Falls & Aswan/Luxor!! That’s awesome. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time.


  • Keith: I have #1,3,5,6,7, and 10 in common with you. Actually, we went to Rajasthan a couple of years ago but want to go back and see more. We are hitting #1, 6, and 7 on our upcoming RTW.

  • Thanks! I wish to visit the Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam, Rio De Janiero, Ireland, & Lesotho (have a class mate there). I agree! Rajasthan is awesome. Been there twice. I am from Bhutan and it is indeed a destination you will never forget. Happy Travels!

  • Victoria falls is an impressive experience. One note though: don’t try to capture the moment with your camera while crossing the gate while you are smashed by the water. I did this and ruined my digital camera … At least I still have the picture (one of the expensievest picture I ever made 🙂
    Too bad I couldn’t see someone doing bungee from the gate between zambia and zimbabwe

  • Thanks for your comment! Any ‘impressive’ site you can recommend in Madagascar?


  • Haha! Africa is indeed awesome. Glad you like the solo series. Will be doing a sort of recap soon. Cheers, Keith

  • I’m just dying to go to Botswana / Zambia / South Africa /Namibia — oh ok, the whole of southern Africa– and also Western Africa–dammit, the whole African continent! We’re just waiting for our daughter to get a bit older to go on safari. But who knows? If I can’t wait any longer, I might just go there by myself. Yes, the joys of travelling solo. By the way, love your solo travel series!

  • Hi Keith, we have many in common. I, too, have Botswana and Zambia on the list, as well as Samarkand, the whole of Mali, Antarctica, and Li River! But Luxor and Aswan is probably the most “reachable” goal for me right now. We should be travel partners!!!!!!!

  • Haha! We should! Amazing that we have the same likes! Same for me too, Egypt is most definitely the easiest… though Air Asia now flies direct from Kuala Lumpur to Guilin (and their fares are dirt cheap), gateway to the Li River, and I’m in KL every year so that shouldn’t be too difficult either. I’m crazy about South Africa so I figure I could combine it easily with Zambia/Botswana next time I’m there (shouldn’t be too long now). 🙂

  • Hi Vera,
    Thanks for your comment. I’ll know who to get expert advice from when I go to Arizona! 🙂 If you need any tips for Chile, let me know. I travelled the whole length of the country last year. Spent a month there which was a bit too short as there was so much more to see.


  • I would love to go to Vietnam because I loved Cambodia so much. I have not been to Africa at all, and think I need to see at least one country there. When I went to the south of Spain, I was tempted to cross the water to Morocco but did not have time–so that’s on the list. In South America: Chile. In central America: Costa Rica. And because of a Twitter friend, I’m hooked on Madagascar.

    Since I’m from Arizona, I encourage you to get to the Grand Canyon. I’ve been there many times, and was fortunate to have a week-long trip down the Colorado River in the bottom of the Canyon. Experience of a lifetime.

  • One of the places on my list I’ll be knocking off soon- I’m going to the Normandy beaches in May. Other than that I’ve always thought Iceland would be a really fun trip despite them not having a government.

  • Now’s a good time to visit Iceland – I wrote a short piece about that on this blog a while back (see: ). It used to be a very expensive place to visit but the currency plummeted last year. There are some great deals with Icelandair.
    Thanks for your comment!

    ps/ have a great time in Normandy!


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