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Ten Things to do in Macau

1. Adventure enthusiasts – Jump of the 10th tallest building in Macau: the Macau Tower. The freefall lasts 10 seconds! Don’t worry – you’re harnessed for the 700 foot drop!

2. Try and plan a trip to Macau in November for the famed Macau Grand Prix. It’s one of the few street circuit racing events in the world and many famous Formula One drivers launched their careers on this demanding circuit.

3. ‘Get lost’ in the Three Lamps district, where the locals go to shop!

4. Take in a show. Cirque du Soleil’s ZAIA at the Venetian Hotel Macau is a stunning display of mastery in balletic circus. This amazing show highlights a young girl whose fantasy unfolds in space among the stars and galaxies.

Chinese Poles performance at ZAIA
Chinese Poles performance at ZAIA

5. If you’re a runner – try hashing. It’s an international running group that has worldwide chapters. So, wherever you go, you will have people to run with. Macau’s two groups schedule runs, and then hit the local bars and restaurants for some socializing. It’s a great way to meet locals and expats, and tour the city.

6. Karting in Macau isn’t like anything I’ve seen before. It’s not your local “go-kart” racing experience. These guys are serious. So suit up and be prepared to race against some pretty serious competitors.

7. The Macanese love Karaoke. Hit one of the dozens of Karaoke bars and sing a tune or two. Makes for a fun and interactive evening in Macau. Most karaoke bars also offer private rooms for groups.

8. Gambling is a major attraction – Macau is often called the Las Vegas of the Far East. From Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos comes Steve Wynn’s The Wynn. Also a hit, The Sands and most impressive – The Venetian with its own exterior canal that’s scaled to the exact size of the canals in Venice, Italy.

9. Head to Coloane Island for a special restaurant called Espaco Lisboa – 8 Rua das Gaivotas, Colôane Village – a family-run Portuguese restaurant that makes you wonder if you’ve stepped into old world Portugal. The food is amazing. It’s also been voted Macau’s most romantic restaurant.

10. Portuguese Egg tarts are everywhere! These lightly sweetened egg breads with caramel are a daily snack for locals and a must-try when in Macau. From specialized egg tart patisseries to egg tart carts – they’re everywhere… thankfully!

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