Sarawak-museum-photo Kuching is the charming capital of Sarawak, Malaysia’s largest state located on the island of Borneo. Literally translated, Kuching means ‘cat’ in the Malay language. There are numerous monuments to cats littered throughout the city.

Kuching has a wonderfully colourful history of warring tribes and white Rajahs (Sultans), the influence of which is still evident to this day in the various museums (don’t miss the world-renowned Sarawak Museum), the Astana (the White Rajah’s residence) and Fort Margherita.

The city centre is relatively small and is ideal for a leisurely stroll – in addition to the main tourist attractions, Kuching is also a great place to shop for Sarawak tribal arts and crafts. Don’t forget to get a bag or bottle of the wonderfully fragrant Sarawak pepper.

The golden Sarawak River at sunset
The golden Sarawak River at sunset

The city is divided into two by the broad Sarawak River. If you’re visiting the city, I highly recommend taking a sunset cruise along the river. The cruise leaves Kuching’s Promenade at about 5pm and provides unique views of the city, the little Malay villages that hug the riverbanks, and the fascinating riverine life. The sunsets here are phenomenal: the calm waters of the river gently reflect the warm hues of the sun and seemingly transform into a velvety carpet of glistening gold. The atmosphere is just magic!

River taxi, Sarawak River
River taxi, Sarawak River

Getting to Kuching is easy as there are regular flights from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and other Southeast Asian cities. Check out Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines for more information. You can also look for hotels in Kuching. For more information on Kuching or Sarawak, please visit the Sarawak Tourism Federation.

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