Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated throughout the United Kingdom on or around 5th November and commemorates the foiled attempt to assassinate King James I. Every year, the Brits celebrate Guy Fawkes night with bonfires and fireworks; it really is a fun evening for everyone. On my recent blog trip to St. Albans, I had the opportunity to witness a Guy Fawkes fireworks show in the town’s gorgeous Verulamium Park. As you’ll see from the photos and video below, the fireworks show in St. Albans is truly a spectacular event!

The evening started with a handful of sparklers…

And then the show began! A dazzling fireworks display that drew loud cheers from the crowds.

Check out the video below to watch a minute of the fireworks show.

More than 20,000 people visit the Verulamium Park to witness this fantastic fireworks display every year. If you’re visiting London in the first week of November and you’re looking for a place to watch the fireworks, I highly recommend St. Albans – the town is a mere 20-minute train-ride away from London’s St. Pancras station. Don’t forget to wear a sturdy pair of shoes and a warm coat. I recommend spending the night in St. Albans to give yourself time to explore the town’s historical sights, such as its magnificent Cathedral and the Roman ruins and mosaics.

A big thank you goes to Andy Jarosz for organising the blog trip to St. Albans and to Gail of the delightful Black Lion Inn for hosting us!

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