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Travel etiquette: learn ‘Thank you’ in the local language

I read an article on MSNBC recently about types of tourists who are “killing” tourism. Some of the examples were all too familiar: like the piling of plates at the buffet spread. No, I’m not guilty! Anyway, inspired by that article, I’ve decided to start a new series on travel etiquette. This series will feature […]

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velvet escape’s ‘Lone Traveller’ series (7)

Things to do when you’re travelling alone: take your own picture If you haven’t done this before, maybe because it looks silly (ok, I admit, it does look silly), get over it and give it a go. Turn the camera around, point it at yourself and snap! It’s great fun and you’d be surprised how […]

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Travelling is good for you.. even if you’re unemployed

I read this article on MSNBC yesterday and I can definitely relate to Jisook’s experience. I was in banking myself for ten years when the ‘hammer’ came down on me last year. Like Jisook, I was already planning a world trip when it happened and it was like a dream come true when I boarded […]

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What’s the safest spot on a plane?

In the aftermath of the recent Turkish Airlines crash in Amsterdam, in which nine people died but others walked away with little more than a few bruises, many are asking which is the safest place to sit in a plane. The topic is currently a popular one among the Dutch media. I don’t believe that […]

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Visit the velvet escape bookstore

Hi all, If you’re planning a trip somewhere, drop by the velvet escape bookstore for the latest travel guides, maps and language reference books. Besides being a great, client-friendly store 🙂 the (very) modest referral fees I’ll earn from for each purchase will make my and blog efforts seem more than just a […]

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The best seat on the plane

I was once assigned a seat in the middle of a row of five on a Boeing 777 on what turned out to be my longest flight ever: strong head winds extended the flight time of the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam to 14 hours 15 minutes!! I can’t remember ever feeling so elated […]

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Winter blues?

It really is a cold winter this year. I don’t know about you but I’m starting to crave for some warm weather and sunny skies, maybe a white sandy beach, swaying palms and crystal-clear water. Something like this ->  And a tropical cocktail would be nice.. If you’re tired of the current ‘big freeze’ (like […]

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“Mardi Gras on steroids”

Amsterdam’s two biggest annual events are the Queen’s Birthday on the 30th of April and the Gay Pride weekend during the first weekend of August. On both occasions, the city centre turns into one big party zone attracting several hundred thousand people. The Queen’s Birthday is the only day of the year when the Dutchies […]

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The velvet escape blog is here!

Hello world! Welcome to the brand new Velvet Escape blog! I will be posting bits of travel advice and tips and you’re most welcome to add your (travel-related) comments. This blog is dedicated to all out there who share the passion of travelling with me.  Get your ideas here. Go explore. Experience. And be inspired.

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