I read this article on MSNBC yesterday and I can definitely relate to Jisook’s experience. I was in banking myself for ten years when the ‘hammer’ came down on me last year. Like Jisook, I was already planning a world trip when it happened and it was like a dream come true when I boarded that first flight out of Amsterdam. This was my opportunity to not only see the world but more importantly, to re-discover myself after a decade of ‘corporatisation’. As the article points out, travelling as a means to broaden your horizons may be a cliché but I can assure you: it is so true.  

The MSNBC article focuses on learning a new skill while you’re unemployed and travelling. During my travels, I met many fellow travellers, especially in Australia, who were learning new skills as they travelled. Diving was indeed high on the list, but skills like bartending/waitering, learning a new language, managing a B&B and gardening were also popular. The common element here (aside from earning a buck) is that they were all exploring their capacities, often stepping out of their comfort zones to try something new, and discovering aspects of their personalities they never knew they had. 

As for me, I used the time I had to reflect on myself and open my mind, eyes and ears to the world around me. Once the shades were off, what I saw and experienced each and every day was totally inspiring and energising. I think I summed it up well in the final blog of my journey: “A most rewarding investment”.

So, if you ever receive a pink slip, don’t fret. See it as a priceless opportunity to reflect, re-discover yourself and regenerate. As my tagline says: “Go explore. Experience. And be inspired.” 🙂

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