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Twitterbird I was interviewed by Melvin a.k.a. @Traveldudes69 on Twitter today. I’ve included the transcript below for those who missed (bits of) this fun Twitterview.

Traveldudes: Hi Keith, thanks for being my Twitterview partner. First, let us explain what we are doing. It’s simple! We are having an Interview… the twitter way. Short & informative! To be a part of it, just follow us or follow/search for “#Q&A” (Question & Answer). Easy as that.

Let’s begin! You are a quite popular travel tweeter & got your own travel blog.

But you haven’t been a travel blogger all your life. What have you done before?

Velvet Escape: Hi Melvin, thanks for inviting me. I was an investment banker before. I’m a travel blogger now. Here’s my story.

Traveldudes: I already like the start of this Twitterview! 🙂 But let’s not discuss finances… Right now it’s all about traveling for you, right? I know that you just created a new site. GBN. Tell us a bit about it.

GBN_logo3 Velvet Escape: Yes, I have my Velvet Escape travel blog. I also recently co-founded the Global Bloggers Network with @solotraveler51. With GBN, we aim to help individual & corporate travel bloggers grow their blogs through our GBN program.

Traveldudes: Wow! That is a great idea! I guess we’ve got a few more readers right now… 🙂 How exactly does a travel blogger benefit from GBN?

Velvet Escape: We organise webinars by experts. Members can consult our Expert panel. And we help promote our members’ blogs. Our members also benefited from our Blog Feedback exercise: members provided valuable feedback on each others’ blogs. We also have a Blogging Buddy program: bloggers share their tips/advice/feedback with 1 another.

Traveldudes: I’ve attended a Google webinar, that was interesting. Do you have an example of what yours are about?

Velvet Escape: Our 1st webinar was abt monetizing your blog. Our 2nd webinar this Sat.: Positioning/Marketing your blog by @jeffbullas. We’ve lined up among others, @remarkablogger52, @rtwdave57, Invesp & @chrisgarrett51, a well-known social media expert. We also hope to confirm StumbleUpon soon.

Traveldudes: You are going big, I can see that already. I guess there are many people interested already…even the gurus 🙂

Velvet Escape: The response is amazing. People can still sign up to join the program & attend the webinars. I’ve learned many things myself!

Traveldudes: Yes, that’s what I like about Twitter & social media, you can learn something new each single day! If I’m interested to join, what do I have to do?

Velvet Escape: Follow us at @GlobalBloggers29 To join, visit the Member page on GBN. You can join us &/or sign up for our free newsletter. Global: $20/month, all GBN services. Continental: $12/month, webinars, access to experts & blog marketing.

Traveldudes: Sounds good. Are there any new things you’ve planned to do on GBN for the future?

Velvet Escape: The Blog Hop will b fun. We’re adding extra webinars; learning tools & money-making blogging opportunities 4 members from our sponsors.

Traveldudes: Do you still have time to travel, when doing all these things?

Velvet Escape: I do! I just need my laptop & an internet connection. 🙂 I’ll be co-hosting next month’s webinar from Borneo! Should be fun!

Sipadan island Traveldudes: Borneo, how nice. So you’ll also get a few more travel posts about Borneo soon.

Velvet Escape: Yup, u can expect some posts on Borneo. One of my dreams is to swim with whale sharks in Borneo! Hope that works out.

Traveldudes: What about the Orang Utans?

Velvet Escape: I’ve also arranged a visit to the Orang Utan Sanctuary in Sabah. I might even adopt one! Fab cause!

Traveldudes: Great to hear that. I’m looking forward to read about it! Getting to the end… 🙁 Do you have a special travel tip you can recommend & you really like?

Velvet Escape: Sabah, Malaysian Borneo is a diver’s paradise with top-notch dive spots like Sipadan & Mabul islands.

Traveldudes: Sabah, (Borneo) looks great! FINAL Question by @agentcikay: Why is there a fee of USD20 involved when joining GBN?

Velvet Escape: The fee covers our costs like the webinars & our personalized services/tools. We’re working wth our GBN sponsors to offer our members money-making opportunities so it’s a win-win for all! 🙂

Traveldudes: Thanks a lot for this interesting Twitterview, enjoy Borneo & all the best with the Global Bloggers Network!

Velvet Escape: THANK YOU for inviting me. This was a really cool experience! Thumbs up to you Melvin! 🙂

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4 Responses to “Twitterview with Traveldudes”

  1. velvet 08/08/2012 5:29 pm

    Hi John,

    Yes, GBN is alive and kicking. You can find us on facebook. It’s free:
    See you there!


  2. John 06/08/2012 9:43 am

    Hey, Is the GBN still alive and kicking struggling to find the website and details regarding membership. I write a travel blog about my around the world trip. Thanks.

  3. velvet 25/02/2010 8:16 pm

    Hi JoAnna,
    It sure was fun to be a part of.
    I’m off to Southeast Asia for a month next week. So looking forward to it. 🙂


  4. JoAnna 25/02/2010 7:49 pm

    These interviews are so much fun!! Borneo, huh? *jealous*

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