curry laksaWhat: Curry laksa

Where: Chawan (Kuala Lumpur)

Note: Curry laksa is a Malaysian classic. It’s basically a thick, spicy coconut-based broth filled with chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts, fried tofu puffs and noodles (I prefer rice vermicelli – meehoon – in my curry laksa). This dish is rapidly gaining popularity around the world (when visiting Australia last year, I saw restaurants in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney that actually specialise in laksa!) and that’s not surprising. Curry laksa is absolutely divine (when it’s done well!). It’s so good that Malaysia and Singapore often bicker about who invented it first!

I can certainly recommend the curry laksa served in Chawan. This restaurant in the swanky Kuala Lumpur suburb of Bangsar is popular with both locals and foreigners. It’s an updated version of a typical Malaysian ‘coffee-shop’ (kopitiam) which serves a variety of classic Malaysian dishes (I can also recommend the nasi lemak). The interior is minimalist trendy (i.e. concrete benches, wooden chairs & a plain cement floor) and the service is friendly and efficient.

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