velvet escape’s Culinary Journey: Punta Arenas II

img_2041 What: A selection of wild meats of Patagonia, including wild goose, beaver, rhea and llama.

Where: Remezón (Punta Arenas, Chile).

Note: Patagonia is not only famous for its stunning nature. I soon discovered that the food is amazing too. Fresh seafood can be found everywhere whilst game is plentiful. Punta Arenas boasts several top-notch restaurants, amongst which, Remezón. It’s a cosy restaurant with friendly service and specialises in Patagonian cuisine. They’re generous with the pisco sour and serve only the freshest seafood and meats. Highly recommended!

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5 Responses to “velvet escape’s Culinary Journey: Punta Arenas II”

  1. velvet 06/05/2009 1:25 pm

    Hi Gaby,
    Haha! It was quite interesting eating these exotic meats. Llama is pretty good actually (rather like beef) while rhea is kind of like ostrich meat.


  2. Gaby-Bali 06/05/2009 11:44 am

    What? I haven’t even heard the names of beaver, rhea and llama as an edible meat! Was it delicious? I’m not a red meat eater, so i’m gonna pass this one, but wil definitely opt for the fresh seafood! Yum yum! You make me hungry,Keith!


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