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soy-glazed honey tuna steakWhat: Grilled soy-glazed tuna with honey & cardamom, and served with a cucumber, avocado, red & green pepper salad.

Where: Chandi, Seminyak, Bali

Note: OMG! This was probably the most divine tuna steak I’ve had in a very long time. Grilled medium-rare, the texture was slightly crispy on the outside and delicate on the inside. The sweetish taste of honey and soy combined beautifully with a whiff of cardamom. The spicy side salad provided the perfect balance to a truly sublime dish.

I can certainly recommend the Chandi restaurant/lounge, which serves fusion/Indonesian fare. Located along Jalan (Road) Laksamana, a busy stretch of the trendy beach community of Seminyak, the contemporary Balinese interior is striking and inviting. It’s a large establishment that includes a rooftop bar, a garden, espresso and cocktail bars, and fabulous (organic) food. The appetiser I ordered, a mix of organic salad leaves with scallops and drizzled with a light peanut sauce, was the stuff of dreams!

Check out Chandi Bali.

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  • Keith! I sure did miss this blog post of Bali culinary delights! Because you’re blogging too muchhhh for me…I can’t keep up with your – TGV Shinkansen super fast- blog posts!
    And no wonder I didn’t recall Chandi restaurant because the same building has changed its name like 3 times (to 3 different owners, I supposed!). Yum yum…I have to try this tuna steak soon, love fish!! Thanks for telling story about you Bali culinary journey!

  • It sure is. I had it in August 2009 for the first time and I went back to Chandi last March and ordered the tuna steak again – it was just as good as the first time! 🙂


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