green tree ants
Courtesy of Alex Wild Photography

What: Green tree ant

Where: Whitsunday islands (Queensland, Australia)

Note: I got the unique opportunity to taste a green tree ant during a bushwalk on one of the Whitsunday islands. Our guide took us on a walk around the island to get acquainted with the vegetation and to show us how the Aboriginals utilised the different types of plants and trees. We stopped at a tree and our guide pointed out the hundreds of tree ants on the branches. He gently picked up one of the ants and showed us its lime-green butt. Seems the Aboriginals used the juices from the ant’s butt as a sort of medicine or aphrodisiac. He asked if anyone wanted to taste the juices and I volunteered. I gave the ant’s butt a quick lick and it tasted like a concentrated lime sherbet. I’m serious. That was a first for me: licking a tree ant’s butt! 🙂 That’s why I love to travel. The experiences are priceless!

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