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Things to do when you’re travelling alone: learn a new language
Travelling alone provides us with a great opportunity to learn new things or pick up a new skill. In the increasingly globalised village we live in nowadays, what skill could be better than languages? During my travels, I’ve often met other fellow tourists who were learning and/or practising a new language.

Language schools geared at tourists are popping up all over the world. A good friend of mine spent a month in Guatemala and Costa Rica learning Spanish, coupled with a homestay, before heading off to South America for five months. She did a beginners course in Antigua, Guatemala and completed an intermediate course in San José, Costa Rica. She opted for homestays as she was able to practise what she learned with the local families she stayed with. Needless to say, the experience was invaluable. She encountered no language problems, made many new friends and when she returned to the Netherlands, she got a job spearheading a Dutch company’s marketing efforts in South America.

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  1. Tyler Muse 31/10/2013 11:08 pm

    Love the tips on learning a new language. Knowing how to communicate while you travel will lead you to so many more interesting adventures, keep you safe, and help you feel comfortable. “Invaluable” is the exact same word I would use.


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