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Things to do when you’re travelling alone: stop for a recap
When you’re travelling a lot and seeing and experiencing so much in a relatively short space of time, it’s great to stop for a moment, maybe while you’re having a coffee in a cosy café or a glass of wine on a sunny terrace, and recap what you’ve done and seen so far. Ask yourself what day it is and where you are right at that moment and what you did earlier that day. Then ask yourself where you were, what you did and experienced exactly a week earlier or two weeks earlier or maybe even a month earlier. Try to conjure a specific moment in your mind and include details like the surroundings, people, colours, scents or sounds; anything that might’ve caught your attention during that moment. It’s easier said than done! But if you can recall a certain experience and the emotions attached to it (i.e. how you felt at that moment), and couple that with a specific moment in time, you’d be surprised how many details you still remember. I find this recap helps me digest all the information (that comes with all the experiences) more effectively. In addition to being a simple memory exercise, I also find that reliving those experiences in my mind enhances awareness of and appreciation for my trip.

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3 Responses to “velvet escape’s ‘Lone Traveller’ series (8)”

  1. velvet 20/03/2009 10:32 am

    There will definitely be some new stuff on this blog. No major travel plans for the summer…yet. Just a long weekend in Hamburg next month and a beach trip to Spain with some friends in May. I’ll be debuting one of your ideas on this blog very soon so watch this space 🙂

  2. Yoan 20/03/2009 2:23 am

    Dear sir, now spring has come and soon nice summer will come too, wow………that’s mean i will find more new article in this blog, mm……which country u plan for this summer???may i know???and hope with more beautiful pic in tripod or velvet site,he.he.he.he…-^_^-
    best regard

    –Yoan the dreamer–
    ur fans


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