velvet escape’s ‘Lone Traveller’ series (9)

Things to do when you’re travelling alone: make new friends
One of the great things about travelling alone is that it makes you a lot more approachable. There will be countless opportunities to meet new people. So, take good advantage of these factors and make some new friends along the way. Take the time to have a chat with the locals and/or fellow travellers. Get to know them by listening to what they have to say and add some depth to the conversation by, for instance, asking about their every day lives or telling them something interesting about yourself. Most importantly, keep an open mind and listen without judging. Talking to strangers, telling them something about yourself and acquiring their feedback is also a great way to reflect. You may learn something new about yourself or acquire a fresh perspective. I’ve learned many new perspectives and gained tonnes of inspiration during my travels by approaching people with an open, positive mind. It’s made my travels a lot more enjoyable, meaningful and memorable.

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