velvet escape’s ‘Stayed There’ feature: Bopha Angkor

Bopha Angkor

Bopha Angkor

Bopha Angkor is a gorgeous hotel in Siem Reap, a small town in Cambodia that is the perfect base to explore the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat. The hotel is in a quiet part of town yet it is only a few minutes’ walk away from the main attractions such as the Old Market, Pub Street, the French Quarter etc..
I really loved the Angkor Wat inspired decor at the hotel. The many statues and stone/wood carvings, as well as the beautiful gardens give the hotel a wonderfully exotic feel. The Garden deluxe rooms are very spacious and beautifully decorated. It also comes with a safe, a bathtub and separate shower. I had a peek at the Poolview rooms (at the back of the hotel, next to the pool though there really isn’t any view of the pool to speak of) and though they were slightly more expensive, I had the impression that the Garden rooms (in the front of the hotel) were more spacious.



The restaurant serves a very good breakfast (you have a choice each morning of Western, Asian or Khmer). The restaurant is also popular with locals and tourists alike for lunch and (especially) dinners. The service is of a high standard and though not all waiters/waitresses are fluent in English, they make every effort and are very courteous and efficient.
The hotel also makes arrangements for tours and transportation. If you plan to hire a tuk-tuk or taxi, you can do this by just walking out of the hotel. You will be approached by various tuk-tuk drivers. Make sure to bargain and set a price before hopping on.

The pool

The pool

If you’re looking for a very good, decently-priced restaurant, I can also (strongly) recommend Viroth’s, just a short walk away. The decor is simple but elegant and the Khmer/fusion food is superb.
There are other, pricier, hotel options in Siem Reap. Bopha Angkor is great for those looking for a cosy and comfortable mid-ranged alternative.

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