In search of a Velvet Escape

What’s a Velvet Escape? Many people have asked me this question. To me, a Velvet Escape is about getting away from our daily routines & exploring, being adventurous, reflecting & doing it in style. It could be a moment of solitude or one that jolts your senses. Indulging in the culinary magic of a Michelin-star restaurant or a roadside food stall. Being pampered in a luxurious spa or soaking in a hot-tub. Falling asleep in a heavenly bed in a five-star hotel or on a mat under the star-studded sky. A Velvet Escape is all about exploring the world, immersing ourselves in the experience and being inspired by it.

As 2011 winds to an end, I thought it would be a good idea to ask other travel bloggers to share their favourite Velvet Escapes. Here’s a selection of them:

Blissing Out in the Banyan Tree, Seychelles
from Inside the Travel Lab

Abi finds a blissful Velvet Escape in the Seychelles:

Banyan Tree Spa view. Image courtesy of Inside the Travel Lab

“Picture this: a beach of white sand that curves to clasp the Indian Ocean. Palm trees fluttering at the edges of your vision. The crash and sigh of the waves in the distance. I open my eyes and that’s what I see. I open my ears and that’s what I hear.

My senses breathe in amber incense, hot ginger and tropical forest air. I’m standing in the spa at the Banyan Tree, Seychelles and I’m blissing out.”

Liechtenstein castle. Image courtesy of Adventurous Kate

Liechtenstein – the strange and beautiful
from Adventurous Kate

Kate finds her Velvet Escape in Liechtenstein. From picnics with the royal family to discovering creepy art, Kate takes us on a journey through this intriguing principality.

Sex on the Dancefloor or Just a Flirtatious Tango
from Alex Berger

The tango as the ultimate Velvet Escape? Alex delves into the Buenos Aires tango scene and after a few bumps, finds himself seduced by its charm.

BienenAlm Luxury Chalet
from My Postcard From

Paul defines his Velvet Escape as a quaint alpine chalet in Austria, complete with a hot tub, marshmallows on a log fire and stunning views.

Skydive. Image courtesy of Budget Traveller

I Nearly Died and Went to Heaven
from Budget Traveller

Kash experiences a thrilling Velvet Escape in the Costa Brava, involving a skydive, a Bollywood actor/director and a 15-course lunch!

Jacuzzi in the Jungle
from Lash World Tour

Lash teaches us a simple way to find our own Velvet Escape, such as this jacuzzi in the jungles of Bali.

Sachuest Beach: Newport’s Second Beach is First Rate
from Travelogged

Liz explores Newport’s beaches and discovers this gem.

Puna. Image courtesy of Otts World

Big Island Road Trip – Puna
from Ottsworld Travel Experiences

Sherry goes on a road trip in Hawaii and finds the perfect ingredients for a Velvet Escape:

“The trees look as if they have plotted a slow attack to take over the road. Vines hang down trying to slyly block my way and hinder my vision. The road isn’t straight nor does it have any defined shoulders or boundaries. The asphalt is laid around each tree trunk making the road look like a frayed ribbon blowing in the wind.

The drive around the Puna region of the Big Island is what Sunday drives are made of; curves, views, and solitude all requiring you to slow down and enjoy each minute ticking away in the day.”

Big Sur – relax and rejuvenate at Post Ranch Inn
from Santa Fe Travelers

Billie & Steve travel to Big Sur, California, and discover majestic natural beauty and a rustic getaway.

How Canadians Like Their Coffee
from The Travelling Editor

Dylan takes us on a splendorous coffee-infused journey across Canada.

Brela, Croatia. Image courtesy of D Travels Round

Escape of the week – Brela, Croatia
from DTravelsRound

Diana describes her Velvet Escape as a little town in Croatia:

“It’s no secret I love Croatia. It is what sparked my blog, it is what sparked my desire to quit my job and head out to explore more of the world. When I booked my long-term travel, I knew I wanted Croatia to be where I would end my trip. There is something magical about the country — the way the water is that perfect cerulean blue and the way the trees are neon green.

Yes, I love Croatia with all of my heart.”

A big THANK YOU goes to the travel bloggers who shared their posts.

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  • Ooh, I’d forgotten how much I love the beaches in Croatia…Lovely inspirational post…

  • Some fantastic escapes here Keith… the list keeps growing! 😉

    All the best in 2012!

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