Hauptplatz in the centre of Graz.

Graz is Austria’s second-largest city (map), and until recently, completely off my radar as a tourist destination. This university city in the south of Austria is the unique holder of two distinct titles: a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as a UNESCO City of Design. After spending several days there, I was convinced: Graz is a fabulous city break destination which should be on every traveller’s radar! The city has lots of historical sights to visit and has a thriving arts/design and coffee culture. Furthermore, it has a varied culinary scene that utilises delicious regional ingredients – it was pretty clear to me that the locals take their food (and drinks, including coffee) very seriously! It also has an infectious ‘Mediterranean’ vibe that I absolutely loved! Should you choose to visit, here are ten tips on what to do in Graz in the form of this video:

For more detailed information on what to do in Graz, where to stay, eat and drink, check out my blog post on Things to do in Graz. Please also have a look at my posts on the Eggenberg Palace (tip #8 in the video) and the South Styrian Wine Road (tip #10 in the video).


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  • Hi Julie,

    Graz is a very compact city – all the main attractions are within walking distance of each other. I would recommend staying in or at the edge of the old town. I stayed at the Hotel Wiesler which was right by the river and across the bridge from the old town.
    Have a great trip to Graz!


  • Very true!
    What specific area would you recommend?
    I am coming to Graz next month, and am wondering what the best location for me to stay would be.
    I am looking to see the city, but don’t really have all that much in mind, just yet. The ideal place would give me a “feel” for the city and its history and be close to the most important tourist attractions.


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