Galapagos islands (image courtesy of Judy Paris)

Deciding when to visit the Galapagos Islands can be a difficult decision. Unlike a beach holiday, when warm, sunny weather is essential for that bronze tan, the attractions of the Galapagos Islands vary throughout the year, making no particular time of the year any better than others to visit the Islands.

Off-peak seasons

If price is a factor for you, then the low seasons of April/May or September/October should mean that it is possible to find lower prices and boat owners usually lower their prices at these times of the year, although the weather is always suitable for boat tours.

June to December: dry season

Waved albatross (image courtesy of Bill Bumgarner)

From June to December, the waters are cooler and there can be more mist around, making sightseeing a little more difficult. This dampness, however, does mean that the islands are green and lush during this period. Surprisingly, there is not a significant amount of rainfall at this time, which is often referred to as the dry season, with the sky remaining blue, albeit usually with a short daily shower. One major attraction during this period takes place in October when the waved albatross performs its courtship ritual which is a fascinating spectacle to see. One word of warning though, if you suffer from sea sickness, you may wish to avoid this season as seas tend to be rougher than in the warm season!

December to May: warm season

Galapagos sea lion & pups (image courtesy of Derek Keats)

December to May is called the warm season which brings a tropical climate with more rain and cloud although the weather is warmer. This is the time of the year when you can expect to see the most bird activity. The waters too are significantly warmer and are ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

The drawback to this warmer water though is that there are less fish to see at this time of the year compared to the dry season. During this period there is also a strong possibility that you will get a chance to see the sea turtles laying their eggs on the beaches of the Galapagos. As this is the season for sea lions to mate, if you go during March and April, you will be able to see the new born sea lion pups roaming the islands too.

The best months to visit the Galapagos Islands

For sheer beauty though, the months of February, March and April are the best as this is the time when the colourful flowers bloom and fill the Galapagos Islands with a plethora of wonderful colours. Whichever time of the year you choose, the Galapagos Islands will always have something magical for you to remember for a long time afterwards.

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