The #LoveWinter group – travelling with them was so much FUN!!!

I probably should’ve called this post “Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone in Wintry Québec” because that seemed to be the recurring theme during my recent trip to Québec. I settled with “An Awesome Winter in Québec” because that’s what it was… simply AWESOME! I didn’t think I would’ve enjoyed this trip because I’m not a big fan of winter but I stepped up to it with an open mind, a big dose of healthy curiosity and many layers of warm clothing. I didn’t regret it for a second! Part of it had to do with the group – a fun bunch that was determined to brave the cold and have the time of their lives. Another part had to do with the range of experiences, many of them new to me, but most of all, I was just so excited to be back in Quebéc!

#LoveWinter slideshow

We spent three days in Mont Tremblant, a ski village north of Montréal, where we learned snowboarding, went on snowshow hikes and indulged ourselves in the spa. From here, we made our way to Montréal where we spent three days exploring the city and discovering what makes this city tick during the deep freeze. We had an amazing time despite the Arctic-like temperatures, thanks to the breathtaking scenery, adrenaline-charged winter activities, excellent food and the terrific company! Check out the short slideshow I created that captures some of the best moments of this trip. Hope you enjoy it (almost) as much as I enjoyed shooting those scenes!

Watch this space for more posts on my winter experiences in Québec!

Note: this #LoveWinter blogger trip is a collaboration between iambassador, Quebec Tourism, Tourism Montreal and the Canadian Tourism Commission. As always, all views expressed above are mine, and mine only.

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  • You guys are brave to experience a Canadian winter – I tend to escape those! – but it sounds like you had a great time out there. P.S. Love the mittens! Every good Canuck owns a pair of those. 😉

  • Good on you for braving the polar vortex to have some fun in my favourite foreign country … the summers there are great, but winter is something that defines that nation!

  • I love that type of places. its seems to be lots of fun thanks for posting nice views.

  • Hi Beatrice,
    Likewise, it was great meeting you too! The cold sure didn’t stop us from having a fab time. Loved it there, especially the snowshoe walks, the Sucrerie and the IglooFest (what a party!!!).


  • Great to read you liked Quebec, even with the cold weather – and I can vouch that it was RIDICULOUSLY cold when you were in Montreal! It was great to meet you, as well 🙂

  • Hi Sofie,
    I was rather concerned about the cold too but if you’re dressed warmly, in layers, you’ll be fine. It didn’t bother me much to be honest. Don’t forget a hat/beanie, gloves/mittens, thick socks and insulated boots. They really helped. Canada is absolutely stunning and I’m sure you’ll enjoy Québec, especially Montréal! Everyone’s really friendly and the food is fab! You’ll soon forget about the cold! 🙂

    Have a great trip!


  • I’m going to Québec next month and am terrified of the cold!
    Looking forward to all the rest though. I’ve never been to Canada before and it seems like such a beautiful country.

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